Saturday, July 16, 2011

The things you tried not to think about for 17 years

Things are settling down and this house is starting to feel like our house.  Everyday gets better and better and truthfully I contemplate a little guilt for my happiness.  I’m really so very happy.  It feels strange to live in a place that I want to live, a place I could easily live the rest of my life. 

We live in New Hampshire, in a quaint old village.  Our house was built in 1820 and is nestled amongst other old rambling houses.  We can walk to the library and general store but have enough land to have some hens and an animal or two.

As with all our moves there has been stress and truth be told our house is in need of some updating.  I overheard my daughter describe this house to her friend as 1800 meets 1983.  But the stress and drama is short lived as the sky is blue and the grass is green.  And the little babbling brook in the back has mossy rocks and an abundance of ferns growing alongside it.

I don’t have any good pictures as I’ve been lazy about the camera.  But soon!

Instead I will tell you it’s really nice to think about extended family and picnics and how to spend the weekend with them.  And about how I can trade magazines with my mother and how  I told my brother I will help him inventory all his horse tack in the barn.  These are such nice things.

I took this picture of my mother and her brother from her house and promised up and down that I will bring it back.  And I will.  I will drive the 1.5 hours and hand it right to her, because I can!


My mother is the cutest little lady and Unc J though you are so gosh darn cute in this picture I just want to tell you don’t stand so close to the hind quarters again as it makes me nervous.

Hopefully my blog will be back to normal soon with less ranting about wild ferns and more serious life stuff like what I made with Martha glitter and how my oldest threw her retainer out into the grossest bag of garbage ever.



Dawn said...

I'm so glad you are settled and near your family! You house sounds lovely in spite of 1983! I love old pictures--even ones such as this that are so charming and personable that the fact that I don't know the people doesn't matter at all!

Jemm said...

Oh, wow, I am so happy for you. You sound truely contented. 1820?? Yeesh. Ours is 1892. Before Kansas was even a state. I can't wait to see pics. Ex-CI-ting!!

UJ said...

Glad you're getting settled and the feeling of home is creeping in. Been quite a while since I've seen that photo! Guess my pose should've been in a better location, but disaster was averted.

Andi said...

Love the picture. Love that you are so happy near the bosom of your family. Blessings for your family!

Juniper said...

I can hear a kind of happy peace in your words, your new location sounds ...welll.... idyllic. You can walk to your local library and the general store AND you have enough land for some animals PLUS a babbling brook out back surrounded by ferns. My dear- heaven.
Lately I have been yearning for having family close by, to call over for a cup of tea or help with tiny projects.. I miss that a lot. My husband's family is fine and near if we need anything but it doesn't beat having your own mother or siblings to call on. Enjoy this time and this new place.
Love the photo, and yes, stand back little fella from those back legs!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

No way! I used to live in NH! I love that place! I've climbed Mount Monadnock! Seen the sun rise at Hampton Beach! Saw the Old Man of the Mountain before he tragically crumbled! I am so excited you are there - tell me more!

Jacqueline said...

I'm so happy you are so happy and that other than a raid thru the garbage can life is full of happy moments.

Love the picture and yes, it makes me nervous too!

Leslie said...

I love your daughters discription of the house. I would say mine is 1950 meets 2000. Our old house needs lots of updating too.

I can't imagine what it is like to live in such a quaint area ~ I think Paul and I would love it...

Have a great weekend and get that camera out!!