Wednesday, July 20, 2011

when the kitchen feels like home

After dinner as I looked around my cluttered kitchen I expected to feel frustrated at the whatnot that is collecting on the countertops.  All those items that have made it out of the boxes but have no real home yet.  Instead of frustration I realized things are coming together.  This kitchen with it’s almost ugly wallpaper is my kitchen?  I made a humungous salmon fillet with a thick coating of fresh garlic and the smell in the kitchen will clear your sinuses- in a good way.  Is there any better way to break in a kitchen other than pungent garlic and fish?


The dishes are in the cupboards.


The hen is on her perch above the door.


The sheep are herded on the sill with a spider plant baby from my mother.


Best of all there is a small child in the sink.

It definitely feels like home!


Dawn said...

I kinda like your almost ugly wallpaper!

Kathy in VA said...

I think the wallpaper has a certain charm - plus, I LOVE those cabinets in your kitchen - the wood is beautiful! Happy New House!

Andi said...

I love cabinets with glass fronts. I think that's what I need to display my 40 some place settings of dishes I have crammed in mine...Of course the crammed look of my plastic ware would spoil the effect.

And, I like the wallpaper.

And the boy in the sink!

Jemm said...

It looks so cozy already! The kitchen makes everything else fall into place. So glad you're getting settled in and feeling at home.

Leslie said...

I kinda like the wallpaper too!
The cabinets are great!
What makes a home is not what you have in it.. but how much love that grows in it. ( I love that saying)
Have a fantastic weekend.

Paula said...

I love your sheep herd. It is amazing to me what items really make my kitchen feel like home. When we remodeled my cookie cutters and old family stuff were put right back out for display.

Leila said...

Yay! More pictures!!

Kathy in Vietnam said...

Can't wait to see it!

Jacqueline said...

Oh how I love the picture of the sweet boy at the sink. That should be framed. Stopping in before we travel out the door on a date. Just my husband and I going to a lavender farm, raspberry fields await and the simple pleasure of a dairy farm and homemade ice cream.
Thinking of you with affection.

likeschocolate said...

I adore children taking baths in the sink!

Kathy in Vietnam said...

Henry in the sink looks just like Joshua at that age!