Saturday, July 13, 2013

of gray and green

We swam in the gray sea water as the waves rolled onto the shore.  They were good waves, not too small but not too big either. The water was cold.  New England ocean water is cold…always.  It never fails to be a shock and it kind of makes you want to say swear words as you wade in until you find that sliver of strength that lets you dive head into a big wave.  Soon enough you hear your own silly voice telling the latest water newbie that it isn’t really that cold.


This was a day when the gray swirly water matched the grays of the sky.  It was hard to tell where the far edge of the water met the horizon.  This is Maine. 



The older kids waste no time and run full speed kicking up sand until only the depth of the water slows them down.


This was a milestone day for Henry as he went in farther than he has ever been. I bought his trunks on clearance at Lands End.  They are so big I think he will wear them for a few years.  I always end up buying stuff too big!


Sawyer wore the swimsuit I made him from a vintage pattern and some interlock striping my mother gave me.  I was afraid it would stretch out from being wet but it held up rather nicely.

He loved being there, the best kind of playground. 



Three brothers making a moat.  The boys are so spread out in age, I think there won’t be too many pictures like this.


I tried to tell him this was much different seaweed than the kind in sushi but he wanted to taste it all the same.  He also tasted the sand and rocks and shells.


I wonder how long I could sit on the beach and read.  If I wasn’t chasing kids I think it could be a very long time.  I would bring  a big bag of library books and a cooler with gigantic dill pickles to munch on. But I think I would still choose to bring my kids, they are too much fun.   I guess I will compromise next time and bring my kids and the dill pickles.


And that is my very favorite kind of summer day.  A day at the beach in Maine.


Barbara said...

I miss Maine, and the Maine beaches. (My dream vacation is to rent a house on the beach off season and read and watch the fog roll in.) Looks like a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

I read the entire post with a huge smile on my face. Absolutely loved seeing the boys playing in the sand together. They'll grow up being best of buddies!!

Thanks for sharing...can't wait to spend time with you guys again <3

Andi said...

Wow! I'm temporarily immobilized with a stress injury in my foot...I've found that inactivity makes me sentimental. And as I read this post and looked at the pictures, I thought:
How romantic it all is!

I assure you that is not at all like the normal me!

Leila said...

I love how you put things. I have spent so many years at the beach with my kids of all ages (but not nearly enough time, alas). They love it so, they always have fun together, I can always read -- it's the best. You have a beautiful family!