Tuesday, July 23, 2013

page turning


One would think with all the projects going on in this house and keeping our gigantic garden watered and weeded…oh and the children, of course keeping the children fed and happy…I wouldn’t have any time to read.

The hot days of summer have a similar effect on me as the coldest days of winter.  These effects being my feet raised and a book in hand.

There is an app that has probably been around a while but I have just discovered it: goodreads.

I am in love with this app more than any other.  It has utility, not just the monotonous glamour of peoples lives like on twitter or FB.  Which I do like as well but I love goodreads.

My old method of creating my library book list was reading reviews on amazon or trying the “people who bought this also bought this” referral. It wasn’t very efficient. When I’m at a loss as to what to read I read Louis L’Amour.  I can’t give you a reason why but his writing just flows through my brain like a happy tune to hum.  I have read over 100 of his books!

From the above stack I did a lot of beach reading.  I enjoyed all those books-- some more than others.  I liked Half Broke Horses because she was a fiercely determined woman. Those kind of women inspire me, even though I never want to find a rattlesnake under my saddle. The writing itself had its flaws but who am I to point that out?

What are you reading? How do you go about finding books to read?

Have any good titles to recommend?


The house is quieter, Sam and his friends are off to fish.  They are nice boys, they hardly smell.  But they eat so much!

Things are good here.  I counted five more weeks of summer. 

Counting that in books and beach trips, it’s like a whole bunch!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I went to my local library and put Half Broke Horses on hold! I have been reading more about the Wild West and horses this summer. Did you sign up for Goodreads? I just did a couple of weeks ago. We can be friends on that website! Let me know! And enjoy your afternoon! Hugs!

Martha Dehne said...

Hi! The glass castle is the 1st book by the same author as half broke horses....just FYI....both are very good. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I finished Half Broke horses today and loved it. My hubby is going to start reading it now. Have you read the books by Molly Gloss? I think you would like her novels on the wild West. Also, let me know if you want to be friends on Goodreads. I just signed up! Hugs!

GardenOfDaisies said...

I need to get over to the library this weekend and find a good book to read. I've been so busy this summer with company, I' have read zero books. And that is just crazy, because I LOVE to read. I've been on Goodreads for a couple of years and find it a really interesting way for friends to share about the books they love.