Wednesday, July 24, 2013

one of each

Recently we went up the road to a friend’s house to pick out a kitten.  They had two left to choose from.  I brought four of my kids with me and could tell right away from their faces they were split as to which kitten we should bring home.  So I surprised them and asked if we could take both.  I am never that spontaneous! I hardly remember the words forming out of my mouth. 


A girl on the left named Beatrice “Birdie” and her brother Augustus “Gus”.

They really amuse each other and my heart is happy they are still together.

We had an unfortunate experience last year involving our kitten and a bat. Though she is okay we were unable to readopt her after her quarantine :(

When these guys aren’t rolling around biting each others tails, they are doing this:


That’s what is new around here, pussycat!


Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! Love their names. I remember feeling so sad for you that your kitten had to be quarantined. I'm sorry she didn't get to be part of your family after that, but glad you've got these two. They are precious!

-Joanie in CA

kaysbee said...

So cute! Two cats are twice the fun and they keep each other company. You made the right choice.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet! I mentioned you on my post today! Hope you'll stop by and visit! Sweet hugs!

Prairie Rose said...

Oh, my! There is nothing like the joy kitties bring to a house.
Their purr filled snuggles and their spontaneous craziness.
So glad you got both ( I would have done the same thing;)
Love the names too!

It's Just Dottie said...

How could you ever say no to those cute faces!Smiles. Dottie