Sunday, September 7, 2014

It’s not so much


It’s not so much about the football game as it is about the approach of fall and how exciting it is to support a team.


It’s not so much about winning or losing as it is about eating pizza in the family room with the whole gang. 


It’s not so much that you have to stay home and watch the game with your family as it is wanting to be home on a Sunday afternoon in the fall.


It’s not so much that you have to meet Tom Brady to impress your Dad, but it helps!

That’s our daughter Maggie on her birthday last year.  She attended a small movie screening and was so surprised to see Tom and his supermodel wife (Gisele Bundchen)at the same screening.

Go team!


Martha Dehne said...

Too bad Tom's married and Maggie is young.....they make an adorable couple! :)

UJ said...

Kids, cows and cute.............all in the same post. Not a bad woodpile either.

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