Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dolly Drama

I remember being in eighth grade and hiding the fact that I still played with dolls. Being on the younger end of a big family, it was both a comfort and fuel for mockery. My daughter Maggie has the baby doll gene. Though she is in high school I often see that look in her eyes as she peruses flea market tables of baby joy. It is the same look she had when she was three and I would give her a real diaper from her newborn brother to use on Fermelia, her beloved self-named treasured doll. Baby Maggie is growing up too fast!


Dawn Gahan said...

I was easily still in seventh grade and playing with Barbies. To this day, if faced with a boxful of Polly Pockets, I will stage some dolly drama. Visit this post if you get a chance. Darly has done some really cute posts using a doll as the character.

The bottom line is that dolls rule. I'd play with them now if I had the spare time. Having my daughter was the closest I came to playing baby doll. Times change, though, and this baby was both play and responsibility.


Daisys Little Cottage said...

Charming photos and I adore your dollies! Your daughter must have a very nurturing soul as I feel that is the draw for being "grown" and still having a heart for dolls. You should have seen the looks on the faces of new co-workers a few days ago when I tried to explain to them how I set up vignettes and take photos of my old dolls and make up stories to go with them. They think Im total psycho! The key to a long life is to keep your childs spirit.