Monday, June 23, 2008

yippity doo da with baited breath

This weekend has brought us an offer on our house. I am so so so grateful for this. I hope everything goes well from this point forward. I am so anxious to move, to be settled, to decorate our new digs. Our next place is an older home...much more my taste. There is a built in ironing board in the laundry room, this alone made me want to buy the house. Who cares about the rest of the house! I like our house now but it truly isn't me. We bought it thinking it would be a quick resale as it is an area desired by the local military population. I need more land, a place for chickens, a clothesline. Guess that makes me sound a little bit country. I like my kids outside finding bugs and building forts, we can't hammer a nail without approval by the home owners association. They are even thinking of putting a stop to our annual neighborhood yard sale....what?! I live here! How absurd!


Dawn Gahan said...

Such good news! And what you wish for in your new house is sooooooooooo worth having! Buy those chickens. Hang your panties on your clothesline. Shoo the kids out on a summer evening, jars in hand, to look for lightening bugs. Build that tree fort using old lumber and rusty nails. And start an annual neighborhood yard sale (heck, make it a yard sale, bake sale, kid talent show, lemonade stand event!!!!).


Dawn Gahan said...

Thank you for the sweet compliment about my mirror! What a lot of fun it was to do. And I think it will be one of those items that one day when I'm long gone will be something the grandchildren look at and say "that reminds me so much of Marmie!"

(I always thought my grandmother name should be Marmie, after the mother in Little Women. I know, I need to get a life. The things I come up with when I allow myself to daydream!!!)


Still going OK with the sale of the house?

Elise Sheppard said...

I totally understand your wanting to move from the suburbs to the country. I would too, except my husband's job demands us to stay where we're at. One day though, maybe we can retire on 40 or 50 acres somewhere.

I got your comment on my hero blog. Thanks for your encouragement. It's funny, because no sooner did I post it that I was browsing my son's yearbook to discover that he has a hero as well. And no, it's not me:)

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Congratulations! Prayers that everything goes smoothly!