Tuesday, June 10, 2008

driving and stuff

Texas was different than I thought. I liked it. I didn't think I would. I liked the sleepy, small towns we went through, the endless farm land dotted with cattle. It was pretty, very different than the green, lush farm land I grew up with in New England but pretty all the same. We have narrowed our house search down to two places and I like them both equally. What a relief this trip turned out to be. I even managed to browse through some thrift stores...this tired out the kids more than anything else!
Lots to do here at home. Hopefully I can squeeze in some sewing tonight, I am anxious to play with my thrift store finds. Thanks for the pictures, Hadley!


Dawn Gahan said...

Ahhhh, sleepy, small towns. That sounds so nice. Just what I'd like to escape to. How will you decide which house to choose? Looking forward to seeing your thrift store finds.


P.S. I've tagged you for a meme (see my post today), but please do only if you don't feel overwhelmed!