Monday, March 9, 2009

Cleaning the house in heels only sounds romantic

Wearing a dress for no reason never fails to put a spring in my step. Recently when I went out to lunch I decided to observe the lunch crowd and see how many women were wearing dresses. Only one was. It was a woman who looked about 102 and she had on a long calico dress that made me think she was an extra on Little House. And yes, of course, I loved her. But I was a wee bit sad that the notion of a dress seems to have been left with weddings, proms and the super skinny and tall models that only wear them to introduce the Spring fashion line. I suppose I am only looking for a reason to wear a gingham checked dress and "sensible heels" to polish the furniture. When will it come back in style?????

I love the dress on the cover of this 1947 magazine. It looks cute and simple. Just like Molly, she is a no fuss kind of gal unless her sister gives her 11 new hair clips, then she will have to wear them all at once. When you combine that fact with this smile:

Then she will remind you of Ken's Bapche, who was so dear and kind and absolutely refused to wear her teeth. Now combine that fact with how she liked to wear a blond wig from the 50's while she would visit us at our little country house in Eastford and gobble up the children and bring one of our hens into the kitchen:

Well then, now you know why we miss her.

This lamb egg cozy has nothing to do with dresses, teeth (or lack of), hens (unless you count them as farm animals then they do have something in common) but I'm only sharing because I thought it was cute and seeing as my crochet skills are at about that of a fifth grader it would bring me comfort to maybe envision some of you making them for your Easter eggs. The directions are here. The directions are from Lion Brand Yarn, they have some really cute free patterns.


jen said...

i love dresses too - do you ever read that dress a day blog?

Jemm said...

How did they scrub floors in a ladylike fashion?? ;) I beg my girls to wear dresses, but I never do, so they won't either I guess.

Robin said...

Oh, i agree with your thoughts on dresses. i'd wear one every day if i had that many. i think they're also easy because it's one piece. :o) you make me laugh so much! i love reading the freckled up hen. ;) my heart goes out to you saying by to your hubs. i pray he is stays safe and gets back very soon.

Bee said...

If only I could crochet:(
Those are adorable!

Lavender Dreamer said...

I love this post! And I'll check on that pattern! I can just crochet or knit in a straight line...scarves! lol