Sunday, March 15, 2009

time well spent: a quiz

Can you guess how we have been spending our time these last few days?

If you answered...

Eating Sausage Pie (mostly sausage and cabbage in a pie crust.)

Driving to Lubbock. We had never been, it was pretty though the drive was three hours each way and there was nothing in between only horses and cows-- which is okay b/c horses and cows are pretty unless you need to pee and there is only a shack with one pumper for gas and a sign that say "gas, antiques, beer, fried catfish, and minnows".

Losing six teeth in eight days.

Eating a plum nearly naked.

Driving to Dallas. More horses and cows but I bought this 1941 book in a used book store, which makes everything okay.
Hadley studying excessively for Literary Criticism.

Training ducks who are now named Prudence and John even though we are still unsure if they are male or female. And yes that is me, brown and aqua match, eh?

They have grown really fast and are growing their soft downy under-feathers. I really love them.

Eating chicken and barley w/ mushrooms and tomatoes all simmered in beef broth and baked with cheese.

Building a ping pong table after baseball practice-- a going away gift...thanks, Dad!

Maggie is in Austin for several days on a speech/debate tournament. We miss her, especially the hundreds of headstands we watch her do in the living room. And trust me, she will love this picture.

So if you answered any of the, impressive. Otherwise I promise to write about more exciting things next time. Like the new Oliver+ S Spring patterns that came in the mail!


Lavender Dreamer said...

WHEW! I am tired just READING about your activities! I do enjoy you being in Texas though...since most of my kids LIVE there and I MISS them so much! 3 of my sons live in the Dallas area. BOOHOO...I miss them! You look cute in the aqua and brown...but I didn't even notice the color combo with those BOOTS! WOW! Real boots! Are you becoming a cowgirl living in Texas? heehee! (don't laugh...I still have my RED cowboy boots!lol)

Lavender Dreamer said...

I enjoy hearing all about your LIFE in Texas.....I can't write tonight! Must be my southern drawl getting in the way! heehee!

Leila said...

Beautiful pie...cute lady in blue and brown and boots :)
How do you train ducks??

Lavender Dreamer said...

You may already have all this info but I thought I you when I saw this list of printable worksheets for kids!

Jemm said...

Man you've been busy! You can't just post pictures of amazing food like that and not give the recipe though. Pretty pleeease?

Robin said...

oh my goodness, you crack me up. I love reading your blog. i loved HH, too, back in the day. I think i almost kinda dressed like her. And i'll be on the look out for the musty smell of you and your old mags. HA!