Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome, Spring with Open Arms

Dear Spring,

How you never fail to let me down. Amidst the ice and gray skies of Winter I shudder never letting myself anticipate your arrival. This is a disservice to you as I know Winter is your friend, without her your entrance would be so ordinary. Your bulbs would appear weak and pale without the months of slumbering beneath Winter's cold, cold ground. Even though I am impatient year after year, you burst forth in the most magnificent manor. I am humbled by you, Spring. You are so forgiving and so kind. Thank you for your gifts of color and life. It is a magical sight to see new, soft woolly lambs and the teeny, twitchy noses of baby bunnies. I have watched my own young children take in your splendor, studying newly formed buds on the tree, peeling the petals off your vibrant daffodils with ill regard. They take this renewal in one big gulp, time will change this as they grow and like their parents they will marvel at your gift. We love you, Spring. You are always a welcome friend here.

Page from Tasha Tudor's "The Springs of Joy"


Jemm said...

Happy Spring to you too. Your wreath is pretty and I LOVE the bluebird picture, of course :)

Lavender Dreamer said...

Happy Spring! That's the poem on my bird collage that I posted Thursday! How neat is that? We have lots of blue birds in our feeders right now but it is COOL here now!

The Dadman Diaries said...

Happy Spring! What a beautiful letter.I wish our spring sounded as beautiful as yours - we have wind, cool temps, no bluebirds, only squirrels, and a Nana with a sniffly nose from everything being layered in green pollen!