Monday, August 3, 2009

But he never has a second cup at my house

When I was young my Grandfather used to say if an alien landed in our yard he would invite them in for coffee. Just imagining this kept me awake at night. The mysteries of of the solar system have never been of interest to me. Except the thought of glittering styrofoam balls and hanging them upside down in a poster painted cardboard box diorama. That is fun at any age.

Looking up into a star filled sky has always made me feel vulnerable--but lately after my children have gone to bed I find myself looking at the moon. It comforts me. It makes me think of (forgive me here) a Neil Diamond song my mother would play that says something about all the people in the world "sweating beneath the same sun...looking up in wonder at the same moon". The moon inspires many thoughts. Of course I think of the past--from Galileo being persecuted for scientific studies to the lone 1800's farmer on the prairie working his field by night to escape the harsh sun. But mostly I think of my husband (forgive me again) because it's hard to put into words how much I miss him. I like to envision that he, too, looks at the moon. The same moon. This is what brings me comfort-- that something so very far away can make us feel closer.


Jemm said...

Thinking of you. Hoping God is comforting you. My good friend's hubby just left 2 weeks ago for his 3rd tour in Iraq. He was due to retire during the next year. I do not know how you do it. God bless you.

Robin said...

Sending you some strong 'moon vibes' :o) to comfort you through these days. I hope all this being separated stuff for you and your hubby are over soon enough, along with all wars. Might as well hope big while I'm hoping.