Sunday, August 23, 2009

putting things in jars

I feel kind of ho hum lately. Kind of restless, kind of anxious. You know that feeling? It's not bad. Well maybe it is...I can't say I like feeling this way. I know it will pass. It will, right? As soon as everyone is settled into their new routines with school and activities. Included in this is our oldest child starting college. College! What a strange emotion that is. You know the whole she-was-just-in-diapers emotional rollercoaster.

The best therapy for feeling off center is baking or sewing. Something methodical where following directions is a comfort and not a chore. And though I could have chose sewing and sat in a nicely air conditioned room I chose the kitchen. Because it's over 100 degrees out and a boiling bath canner on the stove all day is such a good idea. We bought 22 lbs of plums-- which was supposed to be 10 lbs but between two kids and one scale there were some miscalculations... I shall not name names except to say they ryhme with Ham and Golly. Did you know 22 pounds of plums is a crazy lot of plums?
Anyhow we canned plums in syrup and plan on using the rest for preserves and conserves.
Do you like plums? I can't stop saying plums, plums, plums
Tomorrow I will try a batch of salsa. I have never made it before but we eat the store bought stuff nearly everyday.
Do you can? What types of things are your favorites?


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to find something that makes you laugh out loud?! I love your blog! I have spent way too much time reading all your posts. How wonderful you are in Texas - I live in Ft Worth. My mom and I were talking about canning today. She use to can pickles. Oh, they were so good. Have a great week. I know that restless / anxious feeling - it will pass. Julie

i cant decide said...

I've canned once in my adult life. I have too many memories of working in a hot kitchen in the summer. I do want to try canning some of the plum tomatoes I'm growing but I might freeze them instead. Your plums look pretty!

Ashley said...

I love your blog! Your blog name and profile pic are just darling. I love the picture of the older fisher price toys on the shelf. I would love to start collecting them too! I like the pictures of the sad old houses you posted. I always dream of fixing up those big giant beauties to the way they once were. Have a great day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I always made salsa when I lived in Texas....I can still remember the smell in the kitchen! Nothing better than home made salsa!