Wednesday, August 12, 2009

homemade farm and a shelf epidemic

This house was too quiet. Though part of me wanted act like this wasn't unusual and run with it the logical part of me knew Henry was probably digging through the kitty litter box and Molly may or may not be checking out her sister's manicure kit that I had recently noticed was out. But it didn't turn out to be one of those was good and happy and made me smile. I discovered Maggie and her younger siblings working on a secretive project. It's cute--a project from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine that Maggie put her own twist on.

I used this time to hang some shelves...

This one in the playroom to hold some of the older Fisher Price pieces.

And this one in Maggie's room. I like how it brings the room together and makes it feel cozy.

I think I am a little shelf happy...I painted two shelves this week and dragged them up to Molly's

little renovated attic bedroom. Shall I write a poem about shelves?

Shelves Hold the Weight of the World

Shelves hold a ton of junk.

Books and toys and even animals that have died and been taxidermied.

They pretty much hold everything we don't need,

things that should be donated to the thrift store.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

DONATED to the THRIFT STORE! I don't THINK so ! heeheehee! I love your shelves and remember my sons having the Fischer Price toys...some I bought at garage sales way back then!
I may need some shelves here in the condo! Can you come over and help me?

Leila said...

Shelves are the backbone of homemaking, and I wish someone had ever told me that about 30 years ago.
I love yours and I love how you have everything wonderfully placed there. Looks orderly and also fun!

Leila said...

And thanks for your good wishes! I am a lucky one!

shade327 said...

I like shelves, I just don't like to dust.

Jemm said...

THAT'S why my husband REFUSES to put shelves up!! I keep asking him...but it's always the eye roll.