Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recent thrifting

Just a few things from the last few weeks that I couldn't pass up. As I age I buy less but still love the routine of early Saturday morning yard sales or Friday afternoon estate sales. Sometimes estate sales creep me out--when it looks like someone just left their house to go the store and we all show up and dig through their belongings. Other times I feel at peace buying odds and ends feeling like that person would have wanted me to have them. Yesterday Maggie and I went to an adorable cottage with a sunny white kitchen. I sensed the lovely woman who had lived there had aged amongst her things as long as she could. I bought a lot of the fabric below there and a tote of buttons. There was a little yellow knook (is that how you spell it?) off the kitchen that had her machine all set up. I would have liked to sat and had tea with her. Everyone has a story, I like to hear them.

A lamp I had in my oldest son's nursery many years ago and gave away. I was happy to find this one. I wished through two more kids that I kept it. Maybe this means I should have another baby?


A little round table before I painted it black.

Sometimes absurd things happen in this house and I am embarrassed to even admit them--30 minutes after I set the newly painted table next to my chair my son did a somersault and broke it in two. I wood glued it and repainted it.

Petticoats for Molly. There was a whole rack of pretty things and I limited myself to the most functional pieces. Aren't you proud? I only bought the-girl-who-has-more-clothes-then-everyone-in-her-family three things.

Vintage fabrics...can't have too many of these.

Another shelf to support my recent addiction. Get it? "Support???"

I like things that cost next to nothing. It's a challenge in my mind to take something that someone didn't take care of and give it new life. Hopefully soon I will share the antique foot stool I bought that made Maggie gag as it looks as though someone vomited on it. It'll be nice, I promise!


i cant decide said...

You found some nice things!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Well, you commented that you had the same bag we carried to the festival! I had to come back and comment on this post that I missed. When my hubby and I married, he had the same round table and the same small lamp (his has a few flowers on the globe. (and of course we STILL have them!) I showed him this post last night and said sometimes I say we have the same things and it sounds like I must be making some of it up! heeheehee! But we just keep finding things in common! SO FUNNY!