Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pinwale Corduroy Extravaganza

This is Molly wearing my glasses. She was just recounting a story from last week about her older brother changing out of his snow covered jeans and running full speed up to his room in his boxers. It is really the only time we have seen him in his underwear for nearly a decade. So you can understand the twinkly laugh in her eye. Oh and yes those are my stay-inside-and never-let-anyone-in-the-world-see-me-glasses.

I made her some apple pants. She has the wisdom of a woman 70 years older than her actual age and while thanking me for making them she ended by saying, "Mom, isn't it funny when real clothes actually look like pajama's?" I made some for her new Christmas doll, that seemed to take some of the PJ effect out.

I have been getting my money's worth out of this pattern (Simplicity 4384), as I used it to make her outfit for the school's holiday party.

The skirt is twirly, even when it's made from corduroy, which makes six year old girls very happy. Though she doesn't look too happy in this picture. I bribed her with licorice. I ate some, too, because it's okay for Moms to eat candy in the morning. They write the rules.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas--an amazing story

During my last post I was joyfully marveling at the snow and the Christmas spirit within our old ranch house. I tried to hang on to that emotion as long as I could. We received much more snow than this area is prepared to handle and stories of trauma and Christmas Day woes began trickling through. The temps haven't stayed up enough to make the roads safe--and without snowplows and salt it is pretty treacherous. Many people spent Christmas Eve night trapped in their cars.
Before I went to bed last night I checked on Jenny of The Little Green Notebook as I have been every night for the last week to see if she had her baby yet. I read the most amazing story.
While you are there check out some of her design makeovers-- I am endlessly inspired by her!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

it really does look like Christmas

Santa Claus must have put in a good word with Mother Nature as we woke to the most beautiful scene. It is more than a family of New England transplants here in Texas could ask for. Though we are ill equipped having given away our snow clothes and toys before moving didn't take long for the younger ones to be outside in layers of their warmest things. It also didn't take long for them to be right back inside near the woodstove.

Remember Red? He has two stalls on each side of the barn to protect him from the elements but instead chooses to be stubborn and tread through the pasture. He will go inside for little bits of time but overall I think he thinks he will miss out on something. He is a stubborn, silly horse!

I let myself get too overwhelmed with holiday activities this year and it is a very nice feeling today to be locked in our old drafty house with the kids eating the leftover baked goods and playing games. The only thing missing is my husband at work. Hopefully he will be home soon. He is stubborn and silly, too.

This is the summer view from the front porch I used in this post. And below is how it looks now.

Many of you most likely live in cold weather climates and are rolling your eyes at my snowy excitement. It looks as if much of this country is either having snow or expecting it soon. Happy Christmas Eve to you. It's magical!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

my gift to you: vintage Christmas clipart

Today Lavender Dreamer shared how much she enjoys receiving Christmas Cards.

Merry Christmas, Lavender Dreamer! You have always been so kind to me, always giving me a smile just when I need one. I thought of you yesterday when I came across this:

You have the loveliest doll collection ever! I love all you share and hope you have a wonderful Christmas...

Merry Christmas to the rest of you, too! If you would like to use these images, feel free. They look pretty printed and outlined with glitter glue. Everything looks better with glitter glue, eh?

If you use them I would love to see what you did with them. Also if you are looking for a specific style I would be happy to look through what I have.

This year my daughter and I made cards using printed images:

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today I remembered the Santa pencils I risked my life for in a dark closet at an estate sale over the summer. I'm proud I remembered them today a full week before Christmas, as it would usually be a couple years of holiday splendor before I would find them buried in my own dark closet sometime in June.

I sat outside this morning and watched our hens. They are molting and we are down to a few eggs a day. I take them for granted and vowed as I sat to not do that anymore.

I must finish this outfit for a certain little girl who has been anticipating tomorrow's holiday party for weeks. She is in the midst of creating many holiday memories in her young little mind. She has been doing everything with such drama...cutting, gluing, coloring. Glittering was on that list until last weekend's mountain of sparkle explosion. It turns out six isn't an old enough age to glitter by oneself.

What odds and ends are you up to? Isn't it nice there is still a week before Christmas? I hope it is a week of happiness for you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

another Fisher Price re-enactment

This is me and my husband. Welcome to our home.

We talked over having his squadron over for a Christmas Party. It kind of looks like we are about to kiss. We probably did.

We sent out invitations and I kind of sat around for a bit not thinking too much about it. Then people started responding and my heart started palpitating. I realized I had to clean the house and cook food. Then more people responded and I realized I would have to cook much more food and haul the dusty old chairs up from the barn. I became kind of jittery with nervousness. I have never prided myself on my cooking skills, haven't I mentioned to you when I met my husband I served his mother banana bread from a box mix?

The guests began to show up and hover in corners until there were too many and they were invading each others personal space. They are a fun crowd...all in all it was a good time. It's fun to see the young airman cocky and festive around the old guys. Little do they know it's only a matter of time before they, too will sport Santa-like bellies and talk too loud about "the good ol days".

There were many people in our house.

It got really warm as we had the woodstove going. I was wearing a thick cable knit sweater. Why am I so dumb to do that? We live in Texas! I couldn't take it off because I most likely had sweat rings the size of dinner plates in my pits.

The younger children didn't go to bed. They ate many helpings of cake and cookies and candy. Molly was shy hiding her face. Henry was loudly singing Wii Rock Band while shaking his butt to anyone who would look at him.

Someone brought a dog. I saw it in the kitchen as I was refilling a cheese plate.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

doing stuff

Time spent lately has been in the most happiest of ways. It really doesn't amount to any magical formula. Just a melting pot of many activities and realizing how nice "family" feels. I feel inspired reading through your blogs. The holiday spirit seems to be in full swing. There are so many great ideas and so little time! I love this idea and will probably make it for a few friends...

The decorating around here has been sporadic. We will finish the tree tonight hopefully while watching Elf.

In the meantime we have been celebrating the birthdays of two special boys. I like this picture with their reflection in the glass.

This one turned three. All he wanted was cake.

We celebrate the first Sunday in Advent...this post was very inspiring. I wish my siblings would read it. Thank you, Leila.This is a grainy picture of Molly wearing Maggie's old nightie (complete with huge hole in the armpit). They were talking like Maggie had been gone for a month when really she was out for a couple hours. Apparently when Mom stands on the table with a power drill to hang a hook it is a big deal.

Do you ever make blueberry slump? It is our favorite during the winter months. Simmered blueberries and dumplings topped with fresh cream.

Yesterday we went to Oklahoma City to spend the day and then watched the Celtics squash the Thunder. It was nice to see the number one Celtics fan so happy.

And today a baby boy got a fresh start with a new haircut. I like haircut days...he looks cute even when he is whining. I know he has a huge head. He was the only kid I needed a C-section with.I hope you are enjoying your home wherever it may be and the warmth that comes from within.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Antonia

I can't go to bed tonight because I miss my friends...Antonia, Jim, Lena. If you haven't read this book by Willa Cather you are lucky. Lucky because if you choose to you can drive to the library and get it tomorrow. How about you? Have you read any good books lately? What are your favorite classics?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a happy day from our house to yours...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Rebels

My sisters 1972
(please note how my mother extended the life of pants in our house.)

My parents have six kids--three girls and three boys. Our dinner table was large, we ate when my Dad got home from work. We weren't a particularly wild bunch but this was more or less a result of genetics...I think underneath our quiet and subdued personalities we each wanted to have a little rebel come out. For some reason this happened every year on Thanksgiving.

It wasn't Thanksgiving unless someone was excused from the table for excessive laughter. It escalated as we grew. Though I never liked seeing either of my parents angry I would be lying if I said it wasn't the most fun in the whole wide world to laugh until you choked on sweet potatoes.

It was at the Thanksgiving table that us younger kids carefully watched the older ones and took note of their careful use of dry humor and sarcasm. How they (I'm really speaking of you, Carl) won over the adults, quickly gaining respect for being so mature, then turn to their captive young audience and inconspicuously drop peas into some one's drink.

Hawaii 1975

future trouble maker sisters K in the white bikini and me with the kitty

Sadly we all grew up. Well, except for two of us. It was about 1988 when my sister and I were banned from sitting next to each other. It was tragic at first but quickly we learned to save our antics for after dinner.

my angelic sister L and me as a baby 1972

This year I won't be in Connecticut, but my heart will be. And please for the love of turkey and stuffing... while Nana is cooking will someone swipe her camera and take a few pictures of the toilet?