Tuesday, August 10, 2010

something for me and something for you

This morning I woke and felt like my body was full of lead weights.  I couldn’t get up and go, but I did.  Because I had to.  Because the older kids had places to go and the younger kids woke up needing to eat.  Because the chickens were in their coop waiting at the door ready to burst down the ramp and catch the night bugs that were still hanging around.  Also because Red gently neighs to me from afar telling me he wants his grain.  He neighs gently at first then with more urgency as the minutes pass.  So I put a bra on under my nightgown and go feed the animals (children included) because I’m not classy enough to get dressed but classy in that I need undergarments.

Sometimes it’s hard to get in the groove of my day.  I think because even at 6:00am it’s warm enough to sweat outside and it’s hard to push thoughts of home out of my head.  Yesterday I was thinking of this cove and how Sam threw up bean salad while sailing and will never eat it again.   Isn’t that tragic?  No more marinated bean salad ever again in his life?


But this morning I was thinking of Auntie Mary’s cool piano sink.   And how today I would like to swim in the big waves at their house and go in and wash my hands and eat food outside.


I would especially like to eat food with Daisey.  Because she is my niece and has my heart wrapped up tight in her fist.  Unlike my own kids nieces and nephews are cool because it’s okay if they have play dough under their fingernails at the dinner table.  They can say crude things that make me laugh and I will buy them ice cream even if it’s before lunch.073

I braided Daisey’s hair, then she sat on my lap and held my face and told me I was pretty because I have braces and freckles.  She said it like she really meant it.  Then she went out on the beach and looked for sea glass while wearing a bathing suit that was way too small and now she has one tan butt cheek.

Soon enough as the day progressed I felt better. My mind woke up and became appreciative for all that the day had yet to offer.  These are some of the things that the day offered to me:

Writing flirty texts to my husband at work. 

     *number of texts I sent-4

    * number I received back-0

Washing and hanging out three loads of towels with the littles handing me clothespins. 

    *number of clothespins pulled apart- 3

Giving myself a mud mask.  I did this while talking to my sister on the phone also while I brought in the towels and unloaded the dishwasher and picked up the dried shell noodles from under the table.

   *number of people who would go outside and take a mud mask self portrait-1, including myself.


Like the glasses make me look cool.


Do you like Crabtree and Evelyn?  They have a $10 discount until August 31 if you enter AGIFT10 at checkout.  There is no minimum purchase.  I’m going to buy Nantucket Briar bar soap because it is my favorite.  Nothing is better than working outside on a hot summer day and showering with Nantucket Briar soap.  I sound like a commercial.



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Don't you look cute?! Hope the sun didn't dry it into concrete! lol The piano sink is amazing! I love it! We have a piano....that looks kind of like it! heehee! Thanks for the coupon! I would love to try that! I'm about halfway through my book! It is different...isn't it? But you can NOT put it down! ♥

Leslie said...

Yes ~ the glassed do make you look cool!
I am the same way with the undergarments!!
Daisy it too cute!
Have a great wednesday

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I just found your blog. What a beautifully written post! I could see everything in my mind as you were telling it. As a professional writing major in college, I'd say that is a good critique!

Andi said...

Yet another way we are different: I would have gotten dressed, but skipped the bra...Some day my "girls" will make me pay for that negligence...

I totally would take a picture of myself in a mud mask, if I had a skin care routine that involved anything besides a warm wet wash cloth, olay sunscreen and olay night time firming cream.

Dawn said...

I love that sink! I've never taken a picture of myself wearing a mud mask, but I have taken some pretty embarrassing ones all in the name of blog posts! But I hardly ever, almost never, use a face mask on my neglected skin, so that's probably why!

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Loved the post today. So carefree! Confession...I bought your soap at Crabtree this summer just so I can use it sparingly...thinking of you each time. I know I probably need counseling...LOL. I bought a HUGE bag full of soaps from Crabtree this summer....after 20 years still one of my fav's. mmmuuuaaahhh.

barbara said...

The mud mask and sunglasses? It's a good look. Very self-confident, like I'm so cool I can be seen in public in my mud mask. p.s. I like Nantucket Briar too.

Leila said...

Okay, I don't get that sink. Do not the keys get wet and gross? Please advise.

You are lovely in a mud mask.

It's Just Dottie said...

Hi, my name is Dottie and today was my first visit. I will use the coupon,really liked the piano sink and wish I could swim in some big waves.

Jemm said...

Your morning sounds much like our around here. The heat! Can't wait until fall.

You are cool with or without glasses goofball! What a cute neice you have too. What is it with husbands and flirting? Why don't they get it? Geesh.