Friday, August 13, 2010

summer stack

Anticipating summer is a good feeling. Throughout winter and spring I sew little dresses and collect recipes.  I envision taking out the white cotton bedspreads and hanging them out until they are crisp like paper.  But my favorite thing of all is to collect a big stack of books…just for summer.  I scout used book sales, estate sales, yard sales and the stack slowly grows.  


The passage of time is marked by how many books I’ve read.  And sadly, I have no more books.  Okay, yes, I have plenty more books but no more in this special stack marked “SUMMER 2010”.  Now I feel all withered and curled up like  a dead leaf (isn’t that so dramatic?).


Are you wondering what my children do while I read books all day?  Me too. 

Actually I make them read books, too.  We put it on our list (thanks, Meg )


 Lonesome Dove would have to be my pick to recommend, the others were eeh (insert shrugging shoulders).  But I might not be in the mood to recommend anything as my children and their peeps are in the next room being very loud.  Shall I go in and tell them children should be seen and not heard like Ma Ingalls tells her kids?

Have a nice evening, friends!


Andi said...

My dad tried and tried to tell me that little girls should be seen and not heard...It never worked out for him!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm almost to the end of my book and I can NOT put it down! You really do fall in love with Mary, don't you? So now I need to find Lonesome Dove? OK! I'll keep my list going! I would rather have a big stack of books like you....but it's back to the library for me! heehee! ♥

Paula said...

Lonesome Dove is the BEST. It is a book I read over and over and over.

Dawn said...

I've never read Lonesome Dove. My summer stack is gone, also and when my kids were little I have no idea what they were doing in the next room while I was reading! Glad to hear that from another book lover!

Jemm said...

I've read "Mrs. Kimble" from your stack. I really liked it if I remembered correctly. Suspenseful, isn't it? I keep seeing "Summer People" but haven't read it, as a friend in book club said it was just OK too. I need to read "Lonesome Dove". My husband loved the TV mini-series. I want to read "Gone with the Wind". Have you ever read it? I've not even seen the MOVIE! I was a sheltered child. I just finished "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave. Couldn't put it down.

I keep reading blogs where people are wrapping up their summers and checking off their to-do lists and I feel like a jerk for not doing more. I think I should write down all I do do so that next time I won't feel so bad. 'Cause surely I did stuff, right?