Tuesday, March 29, 2011

helpful hints for wardrobe planning

Summer clothes.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

I love planning out my wardrobe for the sunny days of summer.  But then usually by the first of July I am wearing the same jean shorts and T-shirt that I will wear until September.  At first I appreciated the help I recently read in an old Essential Sewing Guide by Drucella Lowrie.  I wish this woman could walk into my home in her gabardine suit and gloves and tell me exactly what to wear. 

She has no trouble illustrating her advice:


That square neckline with the eyelet trim is a little much for my lifestyle of spray painting thrift store stuff and yelling at my children.


Secretly I kind of like the housewife-at-home sample dress.  I like the big pockets, they would be handy during my daily chores that involve clothespins and a flask of hard liquor.   


Self made trimmings sound like a good way to personalize something to your own taste.  But then I remembered that huge L  Laverne would wear on Laverne and Shirley and I’m kind of thinking maybe it’s not such a good idea.  I can’t imagine sewing a big K on all my clothes.



Truly I wish I could dress my teenagers in the three bottom row outfits.   If they loved me they would let me dress them like this.

There is a whole chapter dedicated to the “chubby woman”.   It made me depressed as all the measurements given as examples were smaller than mine.  Who is chubby and has a 30 inch chest?    Darn you, Drucella!  I am definitely not buying your book  Restyle Your Hats that I saw on Amazon for $250.




Jemm said...

Wwwooowww-a 30" chest is chubby? What year was that? Imagine the pressure on their daughters to be thin.

Prairie Rose said...

Such fun to look at the fashions for back the.
I would love to dress in clothes like that!
Maybe you and I should just start wearing those kind of clothes again, Kate:)
Maybe we would bring it back into style again!

Andi said...

"And a flask of hard liquor..."

Heh, heh, heh...

Or, CTM if you prefer!