Friday, March 25, 2011

ma petite chérie Molly


This is another Citronille dress called Albertine.  I was feeling confident one night after the kids went to bed and I cut into a two yard piece of knit fabric that I’ve had in my stash forever.  It holds a steady place in my top three favorite fabrics.   This waste not want not mode I am in feels a little dangerous.  But if I don’t use the fabric now while Molly is young when will I use it? 

I had a little panic about making the dress too small so I went up a size and now, well, who am I kidding the dress is huge.  


But at least it’s not too small,eh? 

She has been a busy girl of seven, learning all kinds of new things and gaining some Tasks of Responsibility.

We bought her a brand new shiny bike for no reason at all other than she would be the happiest girl on the planet.  We never do anything  like this.  We set it on the porch and told her to look out the window and still it never crossed her mind that the bike was hers. 


Have you ever spoiled your kids for no reason?  We are always bent on not spoiling them and having them earn things by working for it.  But  I think it’s okay once in a while.  

I’m pretty sure she thinks it’s okay, too!



I’m hoping my brother Mike is reading this and feels inspired to make this for Henry.

I’m certain this would equate to favorite Uncle status, just sayin!



Jemm said...

I love that fabric too! She'll grow into it no problem. As far as the bike's adorable and I think kids need us to sometimes spoil them. LOVE the bike, where'd you find it?

Prairie Rose said...

What a darling dress!
And a darling girl as well:)
That is such a fun idea for the bike wagon thing..

Leslie said...

What an adorable dress. Your daughter is so gorgeous, I am loving the hat.
Yep.. I agree that the wagon cart thingy would be a "favorite uncle" bonus!

Leila said...

The ONLY kinds of kids who should be spoiled are the ones who always have to work for everything.

And then it's awesome.

Dawn said...

I think you should spoil your kids unexpectedly every once in a while! And your brother should definitely make the trailer! Enjoy your last few months in your house!