Wednesday, March 16, 2011

more jumbled thoughts

Recently Maggie (kid #2) was  competing in debate at Hadley’s (kid #1) school which is 6 or so hours from here.  It was nice to have an exciting plan to visit a city (!) and see my gurlz away from home which right now as I write this is going through a termite inspection in preparation for it being sold, which is in preparation for us moving to the east coast, which is loverly and wonderful.

So we drove the pretty straight path of browns and tumbleweeds.


All the while I was thinking all kinds of thoughts.

I’m pretty stressed about the selling of the house and everything surrounding it.

But then I would think about Japan and the news reels that have kind of haunted my mind.

It’s humbling, isn’t it?


Sometimes on the expanse of land you can see the sun far, far away.  Even though it feels gray and gloomy where you are it is always comforting when you see the sun still does shine. 

And sometimes something will surprise you.  Like after driving hour after hour on lonely roads, you drive by a buffalo and you think, did I just drive by a buffalo?


Yup. You did. 

At the university I watched Maggie debating and thought to myself this is why I never feel like I win when we have a disagreement.   Where did she get those mad skills?  Between you and me she kind of scared me, the next time we have words I will probably get a goofy grin and have nervous laughter. 

It was a different kind of break for me.  It was a comfort to see Hadley, she was our tour guide and evidently finding the coolest thrift shops in the city is part of her curriculum.  These are new emotions for me.  My girls are grown-ups!


Hadley’s school is a wonderful place.  Someone knitted around a whole bunch of trees.  Isn’t that reason enough to send her there?

The seeing and doing was good nourishment and the hugging of Hadley was a much needed renewal.

I was able to get myself back in the car and drive the lonely roads home.

And if you need a tractor I know just the place you can get one, American Pickers style.




The house isn’t so bad.  I was thinking the husband and wife compromised 50 years ago…

She said: I want a decent house

He said: I want to have a few tractors.

Love is beautiful, eh?



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You take the most imaginative photos! I love the old tractor...will get hubby to look at your post! And the buffalo...WOW! Sounds like you had a nice trip and a great day! Can't wait to find out where you're moving! East...has to be closer to me than you are now! ♥

Andi said...

I know EXACTLY where that house is! And I have always been jealous of their land and their tractors and their homey ranch house. I am one step closer to stalking you down Freckled Hen.

But, alas, you are moving so it will matter not.

We spied some bison down there yesterday. We also have bison just about 5 miles south of our house. They are so big and mangy and beautiful.

It's Just Dottie said...

I love your photos and your words. Isn't it amazing when we see our childern busy in their world ?

Dawn said...

Who would think of knitted tree covers? A college student of course! Pretty cool! So is your daughter moving to a college nearer your future home? Admit it--You're gonna miss living in the plains!