Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happiness is buying bubbles

This morning as I grumpily left my bed and went out to feed the animals I saw from a considerable distance the neighbors cat drop us a gift.  It was a rat.  Not a mouse but a rat.  The neighbors cat likes to hang around the edges of our property.  Did you see Jim Gaffigan on Jimmy Fallon last night?  He said his neighbor asked if you could tell she had cats by standing at her door and he said no but I can tell you have a box of turds in your living room.  Maybe that doesn’t translate well, but it made me laugh out loud in my bed. 


Anyhow I didn’t mean to start off with a dead rat story as that’s about as uninspiring as it gets…and I’m sure you have heard enough about my thoughts on moving so instead I shall share what has made me happy today. 

Like March first coming in like a lamb.  It’s so warm and sunny here, the kind that makes you want to look at the summery picnic stuff at Target.  It’s so colorful and pretty and really inspires you to tell yourself to spend the summer going on picnics.  But the truth is I don’t really like melamine and if I’m going on a picnic it will have to be at the beach and if that’s the case then I’d rather buy grinders wrapped in wax paper.  See how I talk myself out of buying summery picnic stuff?


But buying bubbles is okay.  Henry thinks so, too.


I lost myself in this magazine for a moment or two.  It’s jolly good if you can find it at your local bookstore.


The magazine inspired me to use my rationing of Crabtree after my run today.   I ration it like sugar during the 1940’s.  Crabtree stuff is jolly good as well.

And if all that isn’t happiness enough I finally sewed the buttons on this little outfit.  Hopefully the baby it is intended for won’t grow too big to wear it. And no, I’m not having a baby.  But I kind of wish I was.  Does that happen to you?


I hope your March 1st is like a lamb, too.  Only without the dead rat!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Did we both blog happiness today? I wish I had some bubbles to blog...you can keep the rat! lol You should like with the happy list! Hugs! ♥

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Oh, rose-scented Crabtree ... my favorite Christmas present. I'm going upstairs to snort some talcum now.

Briana said...

Crazy neighbor cat!

Sweet outfit!

The baby thing? All the time!!!

Juniper said...

Bubbles, always creates a few smiles, good choice. That magazine looks mighty good for dreaming about summer trips one would like to do or little summer cabins one would like to decorate. Hope your bits of happiness continue in the days to come. You inspired me to use some of my Neals Yard oil I rarely make use of....much like your crabtree and Eveyln ( which is jolly good).

Andi said...

Strangely, yes, I do wish I was having a baby soon. But then I think of puking for 40 weeks straight, and how easy my life is child rearing wise right now...AND I'm over it. (sort of)