Friday, February 25, 2011

a penny for your thoughts

The air is heavy today, which is a change from the dry blowing wind we have recently had.  When it’s dry and the wind blows the air gets dusty and it smells like a far away brush fire.  I like the heavy air better, even though it makes my hair half curly and half straight.  Which really means it’s just a big mess.

Maggie and I went to the first real sale of the season yesterday.  We weren’t the only ones looking forward to a sale as I think half the population of all the counties in north Texas were there.  We didn’t get our thrills there so we went thrifting.  



Good news: I found a like-new set of Holly Hobbie sheets.  This is my second set of double sized crispy clean HH sheets.

Bad news:  Samuel is the only one with a double size bed.


It’s actually a 3/4 size bed, which is shorter and wider than a twin.


I also found this shiny Pooh Bear nursery toy box.  I would like to use it to hold my collection of vintage infant and toddler patterns in my someday sewing room. That someday sewing room sure makes me buy a lot of stuff.

My youngest was recently pretty ill, he is doing much better.  We have been worried about him, but today he played and built this Lego hotel all by himself.  So this is a happy picture sent out through the air waves to my family back home. 


Good news: Henry is doing really good!

Bad News: He is smiling because I called my mother (whom my kids call Nanny)  Nanny McFanny.  Oops, it looks like it’s a keeper. Sorry Nanny!


Prairie Rose said...

Love the great finds!
(the sheets are adorable!)
Cant wait till our yard sales start here, but seeing how we got another 4 inches of snow overnight, I doubt it will be anytime soon:)
Have a great weekend, Kate!

Dawn said...

Nanny McFanny!!! Haha!

Andi said...

Glad your little one is better! Orneriness is always a sign of recovery!