Sunday, February 13, 2011

simple summer dress

This dress is just what I wanted to make but I didn’t even know it.  It’s really more of a frock than a dress, I like the fluidity of it…it’s delicate yet the perfect thing to wear on a summer day in which you find yourself running through a grassy field barefoot.

Molly is a bit of a twig and is kind of lost in it, I think I will have to add some elastic along the shoulders and bodice top.  And truthfully I think the pattern recommended this but the directions were in French. I kept making up my own translations that usually ended with a très bien! 


Hopefully there will be more of these in the near future, as I think I am in love with these patterns.  The groovy kind of love that makes you whistle and sing even while doing housework.  The patterns are from Citronille. The one above is here and  I have this one and this one  sitting here within the reach of my ever loving heart.


We had a realtor here yesterday who saw my sewing stuff and  immediately we spoke rapidly of sewing and sewing stuff then we would talk a little about the house then more rapid sewing talk.  I never meet people like that, it was like finding a  long lost relative.  I wanted to hug her when she left, but I refrained.  

It’s Sunday and a beautiful one at that, I hope the sun is shining in your heart, mes amis… 


Andi said...

Too cute. You inspire me to pick up a book and read all about love...Because I am too lazy to sew!!

Seriously, though. I love it.

Prairie Rose said...

What a darling dress it is!
And what a lucky girl Molly is to wear such sweetness.
I am starting to feel small bits of sunshine in my heart again after last couple of weeks:)
Happy Valentines day, Kate, Hope it is a sweet day for you.

Leila said...

Okay, catching up.
You are moving to Boston??!!??

That is SO exciting, for ME.

If you need any help figuring out what town to live in, email me! I will tell you everything you need to know about whether you will like it or not. The towns have amazing personalities and you should know what they are before you get there!

You should live in a small town in Central Massachusetts. I know JUST where... ;)