Monday, February 21, 2011

two tall guys and a cherry pie

I’m not certain why I love President’s Day so much.  It seems to be a combination of reasons, My great grandmother was a Lincoln though I don’t think we are related to Abe…it was enough to spur a love for that awkward tall guy with the stove pipe hat.


There’s been so much said about these two, it almost doesn’t matter what’s an exaggeration or not.  Did George chop down the cherry tree?  We don’t know but it makes a good reason to bake a cherry pie on a cold and windy February day. 



These are stencils from an old patriotic stencil book…

You can enlarge them onto card stock and use a craft knife to cut out.

By George, I hope you are having a splendid day--


Prairie Rose said...

Happy Presidents Day!

Dawn said...

OH Darn! I wish I had read this earlier and thought of cherry pie for supper!

Andi said...

Oh MAAANNNN!!! I'm a day late and a dollar short. Instead of all that chocolate I totally should have had cherry pie!

ann said...

Oooh, I love cherry pie!

priest's wife said...

nothing better than cherry pie (got to warm it up!)