Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a sunshiney day

Happy Valentine’s Day a day late.  There’s still lots of love so being late is just fine.  In fact there is enough love to last the whole year through.  Valentine’s Day intrigues me, the early years it’s all about the do-you-like-me-circle-yes-or-no vibe.  Those were good times, weren’t they?

We were all kind of busy yesterday and the day kind of slipped by. 



February is a good month

*it’s almost spring

*Valentine’s Day + President’s Day ( I love George and Abe)

* pink and red

* Texas weather is good…like Thursday is supposed to be 85 degrees kind of good

* it inspires me more than March, but I’m not sure why

* writing lists makes me happy

* I made four cakes today

* and the house smells really good

*we had some squadron people over on Saturday night- one of them left yesterday for Afghanistan.  I wish I could talk about this person as it is an inspiring story but just will say bless our troops as they are amazing people




*there was game snobbery, and Sam (my precious son Sam) beat the military guys.  And they were getting miffed and talking smack, and Sam (my precious son Sam) just sat there quiet as ever.

* this is an edited post as I had shared something about Sam that perhaps he wouldn’t want you to read

* so instead I will just say boys and men are dorks

* but you already knew that, right?


LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Phew...I was waiting patiently for you to post a Valentine's Day post! Lovely post. Love your Sam!

Briana said...

Lovely decor, as usual! What is the game closest to the camera called? We had that growing up and I have wanted to try it with my peeps but I couldn't remember what it was.

Robin said...

Oh, I knew that about men. And aren't they all really boys anyway? ;) Lovely pictures as always...

ann said...

Funny! I'd love to know what you edited. Pictures are beautiful.

Jacqueline said...

Happy Presidents Day to you...yep, yep!
Just popping in before I head to the store to say hi and take a peek at what you are up to.
Men and boys now that is a cinnamon hot subject for sure!