Friday, February 4, 2011

There is no sense of normalcy

When the weather takes a turn towards ice and snow I have come to understand how these friendly Texans deal with it.  They hunker down and wait for what ever is happening outside to turn in some other direction.  In this case we have been waiting for a long time- today is snow day #4.  There is no plow scraping by or scattering salt and sand.  We have been sitting in our house, amongst these four walls that seem to be getting closer together with each passing day.

I have lost my sense of normalcy.  It took some deep thinking to realize today is indeed Friday.  Friday?

It’s silly how much we haven’t done this week.  Getting dressed seems like work.

We have been playing games and having a Lego extravaganza. 


All day, building and searching for a certain piece.  Hours and hours.


Lego has a website, and also stores scattered about the US.  But usually if it’s a good deal we buy them off ebay.

When we lived in Europe I was pleasantly surprised at how many adult Lego collectors there were.  You can design your own building and download it to their site and they will create the pieces for you.  Isn’t that totally awesome, ja?


I feel like when I was in 8th grade and a visiting friend would look at my room and say you still play with dolls? 

What? Huh? Dolls?

It’s nice I can blame the Lego stuff on my kids but between you and me I am very fond of the colorful bricks…and snow days for that matter.

G’day friends…hope you are having a happy day wherever you may be!


Prairie Rose said...

What a fun week!
I know what you mean about the toys and things.
We have a ton of animated movies at our house "In case little ones are around" mmmhhmmm, yeah;)
Have a great weekend all snuggled in your sweet home!

Andi said...

We are on snow day number four here. We actually had 11 inches, which isn't that much, but the dad gum town doesn't have equipment to clean the roads, so they use a front end loader and backhoe instead of a road grader. Grrr...However, the kids have loved it!

Oh, and I still love helping organize their toys...I dress the Barbies in coordinating outfits and fix their hair..and I arrange the babies all sweet with their little bottles and blankies snug around them!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have to enjoy the snow days! They don't come around that often in Texas! Looks like you're having FUN! I love legos...of course my four sons STILL play with them! lol ♥

Briana said...

Very nice lego houses!

It's been cold here too so we've been stuck inside all week and we were sick.

I hope it warms up for you soon.

Dawn said...

I love those houses! We had subzero temps but not enough snow for a snow day. :(. Enjoy your jammies and your legos!

Honey said...

My nephew would loooove to come play at your house. He loves Legos. I had a friend ask me once in 8th grade if I still played with Barbies. I quickly replied with a no. Actually, my little sister and I played up until my 9th grade of school. Don't tell anyone. K? :)

Jacqueline said...

Have you ever visited LegoLand in Europe? I'll never forget it and still have the postcards and some pictures from it.

My middle son loved to build with Lego's and it was and would still be pure joy to sit down with him and do it again.
I might just suggest it and I'd bet my last buck he'd take me up on it!

I've been tucked in, Washington has rain, and rain and more rain. Likely will not stop until June!

Thinking of you and your family and happy to blog with you.