Friday, January 28, 2011

on childhood and maturity

While recently in the book store I paged through a how-to-blog kind of a book. Somewhere in the first third it said something about how to use as few words as possible on each post. It struck me as amusing as I envisioned a blogging “expert” critiquing my blog. What would they say? Maybe not to write so much about nothing? Maybe to have an actual point?

This is where the surprise of blogging comes in for me. One of the things I love most about it was accidental. In the beginning I spoke of my kids with trepidation, but now three years later these silly little posts have given these mothering days a timeline of life. With just a few clicks I can see Henry’s first scraped knees or our house in Illinois. All those everyday thoughts I would have otherwise swept into the dustpan of a hurried life.


Just this morning I was thinking about how unique it is that our kids are kind of spaced out in age and the somersault of emotions that comes with that. Having our oldest away at school while her brother is here at home finding joy in getting to use a glue stick for the first time, it’s kind of a strange thing but it makes me happy all the same.

In the mailbox today was an assortment of postcards from Hadley.


She wrote this one to her Dad, who sent her a card that never made it to her box (and it had money in it!) and he hasn’t sent another one since.


It made me cry, her silly but heartfelt words to her Dad.

I’m not sure how to describe my relationship with my own Dad but I don’t think I could ever write and ask him if I should be a Trekkie.

And this was all in my head today as I sat to read Henry his afternoon prenap story and garumphed at him because he was taking forever to choose one. Then as he hoisted himself into my lap I realized he picked one of Hadley’s favorites.


It felt like just last week that I was garumphing at her to hurry up and pick a book. I try not to think about things like when was the last time I read Hadley a story? When was the last time she hoisted herself into my lap? Was I too busy to notice she was growing up?

And then my thoughts settle and I realize childhood is fleeting and the rest of the story is writing itself as we speak, kids grow up and learn from their parents then parents get older and learn from their kids.

And so even though I wrote this whole post myself I’m still not 100% on the point of it all. The blog expert would tell me I used way too many words. I would tell the blog expert to go suck on a lemon.


Briana said...

I love it! Funny how we know how fast it goes and we still don't pay attention very often.

I don't think the "expert bloggers" pay attention to the blogging advice books!

Andi said...

I don't think I've ever thought you too wordy...Each word is precious! Great post.

Jemm said...

I don't think to use too many words at all. It always seems to me that you choose them very carefully too.

I'm always wondering to myself "will that be that the last time I pick her up" or "the last time she'll let me hug her in front of other people". Mothering is hard, ((big sigh)).

Jemm said...

I don't think "YOU" use too many words...

Prairie Rose said...

How sweet Hadley is!
To send such sweet words home to her family:)
And you have NEVER been to wordy at all!
You are always interesting and funny and sweet and say it all in the perfect amount of words:)

Juniper said...

Oh I really enjoyed your post, blog experts humpf, to me a blog is a little like a journal of everyday life that you decide to share, how can their be a journal expert? Today's post Is just the kind of posts that are my favourite to read, and most stay with me in the day. My blog is coming up to three years and I too feel like it is for me a photo album of our move to Malta and of my kids early years- they are now 3,5,6. Am thinking of finding a way to print a copy of all the posts I have done, a little family book of these years.

Mrs. Fordyce said...

I like your blog! I especially like the little people as I collect old Fisher Price and your picture always makes me smile! My eldest just got his driver's license, and my youngest is in diapers. It is weird to see him wearing his older brother's clothes-like it was only yesterday that the eldest was wearing those clothes!

Paula said...

I love your blog. Seeing your little people starts the amazing experience of connection. Silly, but I feel as if I know you. You are someone I would hang with. My sisters agree or we wouldn't all read you.

Dawn said...

Isn't it funny how about kids growing--some stages are sooooooo slow and other flash by so quickly! Your words are wonderful! said...

I'm glad you didn't follow the expert advice, that was a lovely story.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

A very beautiful poignant post indeed...which can mean... Profoundly moving; touching: a poignant memory. I looked it up to be sure! heehee! I love your style of blogging and your posts always bring memories of raising my brood of kids...wonderful, happy memories! ♥

Leslie said...

lol. what a great post!!!!
The expert bloggers would tell me to use MORE words.
Have a fantastic week.