Thursday, January 13, 2011

glassware and book reading


Aside from the deployments I think selling a house is my least favorite thing about being military family.  I can deal with the moving (it’s kind of exciting) and though the missing of family can wear me down it makes seeing them that much sweeter.  But the selling of a house? It makes me crazy… the sheer abruptness of having to clear out and have the house clean at a moments notice so someone can look at it. Double ugh.

Lately I have been cleaning all those things that I never clean, like light fixtures and all the glassware in the bar.

006 007

I put some silk forsythia in the dining room even though it’s only January, it brightened me right up.


It feels like a routine, this business of setting the house straight.  I box up lots of my books and knick knacks to make the house seem less cluttered.  In doing this I came across my Besty-Tacy books.  Have you read them?


I wish I could say I read them as a child but the truth is I was well into my twenties when I read the first and slowly found them at yard sales ‘for my daughters’ and brought them to my own bookshelf soon after.  The last five are my favorite.  I have read them over and over. 


So now I’ve shared books and told you I’ve been cleaning…let me zoom out a bit.


There is still much to do. Double sigh.


Prairie Rose said...

I LOVED Betsy and Tacy when I was younger.
I still have a couple of books.
Not the awesome collection you have though!
Happy Cleaning!

Briana said...

Oh, yes, the children must help. I like the excitement of moving too. We've been in this house for 2.5 years and this city for over 3, it's getting stale. I'm trying to like living somewhere long term but I miss the excitement sometimes!

It's difficult to get a house ready to sell and fall in love with it even more when it is so clean and tidy.

Dawn said...

I've never read the Betsy Tacy books but I have a friend named Tacy! Have fun with that there cleanin'!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've never heard of those books! Now you have me very curious! Also I've been meaning to write to you and ask if you recommended Lonesome Dove...the book? I was going to try to read the Borderland, but it was not for me and then I 'thought' I remembered you mentioning Lonesome Dove one time! I hope you get everything done...and have some help! Hugs! ♥

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

We've only ever owned two houses, and the memory of selling the first house is enough to keep me here forever. It was no fun. Somehow I thought military families got some help with this (like a troop of underlings swept in and cleaned and packed and sent you on your way without another care? I don't know why) - you must be laughing out loud at that thought.

Jemm said...

I didn't read those as a kid, but I didn't read much as a kid. What's a few legos on the floor! Piece of cake. I'm sure it looks great. Do you know where you'll be stationed yet? Hope not too far ;) Maybe Ft. Riley, KS :) It's only an our from me. It is fun to move. For me getting the house ready to sell was fun, but loathed the spur of the moment showings and keeping it spic and span. You'll do fine though. I hope you are well.

Andi said...

I feel the same way about moving...Except we aren't military, and now I feel like we will be here a while. So that makes me feel like I'm trapped in this house because the way we afford to move is with corporate help, and it's still hard to recover financially...

So I will whine if I'm stuck in a house and whine if I have to move again!

I am such a girl! LOL

Juniper said...

Your silk forsythias are beautiful. Good luck with the moving preparations, and selling the house....does sound like a daunting task. Fingers crossed for you, that it happens quickly and smoothly.

Leila said...

Betsy-Tacy books are the best.

You are my hero.

I'll pray the house just sells right away so that you don't have to go through it for long!