Thursday, January 20, 2011

owls and argyle


Molly was home sick from school today but I still asked her to model an outfit. Is that mean?

I actually made this as a tunic to wear with jeggings but going upstairs to get the jeggings seemed like too much work at the time. She had these humungous argyle socks on that she wears as often as she can because her sister gave them to her. They kind of match, and you gotta work with what you got.


The dress is Simplicity 4927.

This week has been stinky. Do you ever have weeks like this? I’m wondering if I should wait until next week to be smiley and nice or should I just finish the week out like this…all snarky and full of vinegar. Decisions, decisions.


Prairie Rose said...

Oh,how sweet!
And I am talking about the tunic,the adorable socks and the poor, sweet, precious darling who is wearing them!
I think you might as well just start fresh next week with the attitude,ease into it slowly:)
Hope your little Sweetie feels better quick!

Andi said...

Your kids are so lucky to have a mommy that sews! That tunic is fabulous!

Dawn said...

I love the argyle socks with the tunic! I think some weeks are vinagerish, ya know?

Jacqueline said...

Dear Mrs. Snarky...
Why don't you just parky your barky down and rest! Love sent to you with a dash of humor for your vinegar!

Do you sell those darling clothes you make for your troops? I am opening a wee little cute adorable store and I'm looking for cute childrens items on consignment. If interested let me know! See my blog in the last few days for pictures. I have quite a few bloggers coming on board and I have a special deal to make it worthwhile and affordable for far away folks. Pass the word on if you know folks looking for a very cute outlet! That's the only big rule...must be CUTE!

Jemm said...

Very cute dress. I love Henry's vest too. You've been a busy bee, maybe you just need a breather. Hope all is well.

Juniper said...

Cute tunic, hope your little one feels better soon and your new week is sweeter for you and all those around you.

Leslie said...

I love the pattern of the matterial. very pretty dress. I hope that little model is feeling better.