Sunday, January 16, 2011

as the sun sets on another good day

It is a satisfying feeling to sit here and watch the sun sink into the horizon after a nice weekend.   The sky that was kind of heavy and gray all day now has brilliant shades of pink and oranges peeking out of its edges.  I think this is a good indicator for less gray and more blue tomorrow.

Gray days are good for staying inside and doing things.  And that is just what happened…lots of doing.  Sewing, baking and more organizing than I thought possible.  


I made this loaf of bread from our go-to recipe we use in the bread machine each week.  Only this time after letting the machine do most of the work I took the dough and shaped it, letting it rise near the woodstove for an hour.  I baked it in the regular oven at 350.  Remembering what Julia Child said about French bakeries and humidity I added a small cast iron skillet of water to the lower shelf and sprayed the bread a few times intermittently with a water mist.  And if you’ll let me brag:  it was very, very, very good.  Did you see I used very 3x? 

As I write this the Patriots game is on VERY LOUD.  And they are losing which means someone is speaking to the TV VERY LOUD.  Boy oh boy I guess I’d better go and roller-skate through the living room naked, that always cheers him up.



Andi said...

Naked, huh? What do the kiddos think of this? Men are really such simple creatures.

Paula said...

You get to rollar skate in your house? You are the best mom ever!

Leslie said...

sorry about your Patriots ~ we were rooting for them since our Ravens lost to the crappy steelers. : )
Have a great week

Prairie Rose said...

Nothing beats homemade bread!
It always tastes better then store bought and makes the house smell wonderful!

Jacqueline said...

My man was hooting for the Seahawks as though he was a Seahawk or maybe the ref...boys will be boys!

Julia Child is wonderful. Did you see the movie Julie Julia...I think that is what it was called.

I was reading back to your Betsy book post. I have never read those books but I see them from time to time. They are tough to find in the antique stores. They look as charming as can be! I think they have been re-released?

Come when you finish your bread (wink) and see what I'm up to. I'm opening my own two weeks! Get ready, get set, go!