Friday, January 7, 2011

before I blog/ New Year’s thoughts

It’s the perfect time of year to think about what needs a bit of perking up.  Besides the obvious (my figure) I have slumped in many areas of my life.  In the past I prided myself with the ability to get it all done, you know? The cooking, the cleaning, the occasional game with the kids…  I think I was  organized emotionally. I’m not anymore.  Often I wake with the doom of having a lot to get done and that feeling seems to hang around for much of the day.

Writing makes me happy, I look forward to posting and always have fragmented posts reciting themselves in my head throughout the day.  I tried telling myself that I had to earn that hour or so in the afternoon when I can type away carefree.  That didn’t work too well-hence the lack of posts, only I could be my own student and not quite follow the rules.  My kids laugh when I say hence, don’t people say hence anymore?

When I find myself with some spare time I usually end up in the recliner watching all the taped episodes of “If  Walls Could Talk”.  (Which by the way is a great show on HGTV on early Tuesday and Thursday mornings and might just be worth any amount of procrastination on any given day.) 

It’s a moving year for us, just thinking about this makes me bleh.  But I have the desire to Aim High until then and I really must clean up my act.

I have resolutions that are much like everybody else's, like being a better wife and mother. 

But also I would like to stop buying Martha stuff at TJ Maxx just because it’s a good price. This is one of those things that I may have said in humor at the officer spouse club coffee but really deep inside I mean it.  Is there counseling for people who can’t stop buying Martha craft junk?


Also I have enough glitter. I don’t need to buy anymore. It’s really hard to write that.


020 018

I will put the armoire to better use in our bedroom, rather than stuffing it with old diaper boxes full of patterns.  I don’t need to buy anymore patterns for the rest of my life, as there are more diaper boxes under the bed and in the barn.  Though please credit me for the magnificent reduce, reuse, recycle usage of diaper boxes.


I will put clothes away before I blog. This may sound silly but sadly laundry is a huge part of my life.  If I’m not the one doing the washing then I am the one who is yelling at someone (whose age ends in teen) to switch or fold or unball 40 pairs of gym socks.  This is an edited version of I will make sure the house is clean and exercise before I blog.  The unedited one was really, really hard.


The most important one: I will take better care of my mother…


because she took care of me.

And because I love her.

Have you resolved to be better this year?  Please share!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a good mother...and daughter you are! I remember being so overwhelmed when I had 4 sons all at home..and all so close in age! I still feel overwhelmed sometimes with so many things I want to do and my time has slipped away on things I didn't intend to waste my time doing! lol I always try to decide how I want to spend my time...and write it down to remind myself. I like to hurry through a lot of my chores first thing in the morning to free some time! And I'm can I be this busy? Hugs to you, my friend! ♥♥♥

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I often feel like I've lost the executive function of my brain and cannot get my day organized at all. Maybe you'd feel like you were on the right track if you got rid of a few patterns. (I bet there's something in there with bad puffy sleeves.)

The Dadman Diaries said...

As I look down at my buddha belly, I realized it was October when I looked around and said, "Holy crap. It's October." So this year, I simply cut and pasted last year's resolutions to this year's.

That is allowable, isn't it?

Andi said...

I never make resolutions...I just don't have the discipline for that! Now, if I could only come up with an idea for blogging, I'd totally abscond all my other responsibilities for that!

Prairie Rose said...

well, I am also wanting to work on my figure.
However,mainly my attitude toward certain things.....I want to try not to sweat the small stuff in this next year.

Leslie said...

I love this post. You are in touch with the things that are most important.
No one can ever have to much Martha glitter. No one!!
Have a fantastic 2011!!

It's Just Dottie said...

Thank you for the get well wishes. I really like your way of saying things. I feel much better today.

Dawn said...

I don't make resolutions. I feel like a contrary child when I think about it and want to stomp and kick (hey that might be a blog post...!) It's cool that all of your 'pattern' boxes are the same size and design! And, my 22 year old daughter delights in saying 'henceforth!' And one more thing, if I thought I had to move, I'd be bleh also!

Jacqueline said...

I love the fact you just spill the beans and you are so real when you blog. You don't pretty much up, you just say it and I find myself always relating to you.

I have three kids all grown now but I remember very well trying to bring order and balance and cross off the "to do list". You have a big family which means at this stage, you are stealing moments for yourself.

If you look hard, you will find them...early morning when the sun is not shining and late at night when it's not shining either! Tee hee! That was about the only time I could relax and just play by myself.

Loving your mom and helping her is an awesome resolution and one that you both can cherish. I'd give all my teeth to have my mom again, I'd even give all my gnomes!

On my list this year was just to get more rest (naps and better sleep at night) and to live with more peace and passion.

lapdogknit said...

Thank you for the comment on taking care of Mom - my Mom thanks you too - she got her own cake!!
Love your blog, when I first saw those diaper boxes I thought "yikes" but when I read you re purpose then I knew you were not spending every moment changing someone's diaper! Hope this will be a great year for you - a move in the future? Embrace the change - life is good & so are the changes it brings...maybe you'll head my direction!

Jemm said...

Boy do I share you pain. I can so relate to feeling like you used to be better at "things". I don't know what it was that was different. Maybe it was the newness of motherhood and all it entailed, and now it's as if I just feel like I can coast a bit because they didn't choke on a hot dog that wasn't cut into fourths. Now it doesn't require such an intense hands on and go go go attitude. They are more independent and now I'm trying to find my splurges are books. Does any of this make any sense? I've been stuck in the house the last two days with the kids that had two snowdays in a row and it's going to be like -6 tonight. I SO couldn't live further north even though I hate the heat. I haven't been blogging much either, though out of laziness and lack of photos not because of self discipline to get work done first. I resolve to be more like you!!

Briana said...

I am working on cutting down on internet time.

Good luck getting ready to move!

Juniper said...

I love this post, and yes piles of laundry is a bigger issue than it should be in our house too. Share much of the same feelings you describe finding time to blog, exercise and keep the house, (no tj maxx here so I almost wish i had this problem). Was drooling over my sisters dictionary of crafts Martha Steward book at Christmas time. With work now I can only dream of making crafts.
Did you say moving??