Wednesday, February 9, 2011

faye: a brave girl

Thanks for your comments on my mish mashy last post.  It’s just been a whirlwind of stuff lately. 

The buyer on our house retracted their offer which, yeah made me cry a bit.  And soon after I felt ridiculous, there’s worse I could be worrying about.  Happily just a short bit ago we received official word we are going to Boston.  No more maybe.  I’m thrilled…Boston is among my favorite places.  Being so close to our families in Connecticut and the ocean? After being far away so much I can’t even believe it!


And now for Faye, a brave girl indeed.


Unbeknownst to me, my Gram was old.  And though she passed away years ago I am still learning from her. 

She was brave and courageous and loving and kind.  In perfect measure, like a symphony as it builds and crescendos then delicately winds itself away from you in the most beautiful of ways.  That was my Gram.


This is a $1 wooden frame from the craft store embellished with paint, craft paper and glitter.


The silhouette is from a larger one I have on the wall of my Gram, using a wallet sized picture I took with my digital camera and glittered…


barbara said...

(Oh, why do I get so excited when I leave the first comment? Must, must, must get out more.) That's a pretty fabulous re-do of the frame, and a nice tribute, too. And I am delighted that you are officially going to Boston!

Andi said...

My Grandmama just passed a few weeks ago. I still can't believe she's gone, and I think of how perfectly she loved my not always Grandad, and she inspires me.

Dawn said...

Oh how sweet. My grandma passed away a few weeks ago and my husbands grandmother passed away right before Thanksgiving. It has made me think of how they influenced me and how I want to influence my grandkids.

Love that frame!

Jemm said...

Sorry about not selling the house. It will happen. Congrats on the definitive move!! So happy for you guys.

I love the silohette (sp) and frame. So, you took a photo and cut it out and then cut it out again on the black paper??

UJ said...

I'd recognize that profile anywhere. Good to hear Boston's been confirmed!

Prairie Rose said...

Congrats on Boston!
The silhouette is just lovely!