Thursday, February 2, 2012

day two: words

Today is day two of the photo challenge from fat mum slim



When Hadley was on her recent winter break here she did a whole bunch of puzzles.  Like so many it would freak your freak.  1000 pieces a day.  I thought maybe it was her brain’s way of unwinding after the demands of her jr year in college.  I ended up putting them all away except this one, I glued it and hung it on the wall…because of the words.


Eat laugh And Enjoy The Earth,

And feed your Love for All it’s Worth”

In our world where we count every calorie and berate ourselves for feeling carefree (work work work), this quote seems to capture it all for me.  It’s such a simple solution for all our emotional duress.



Kathy in Vietnam said...

I think I will put this saying on my food truck!

Barbara said...

Lovely sentiment (and I am a jigsaw puzzle freak, too!)