Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my youngest is hyper today and I am tired

Gasp… another day almost slipped by and now all I have is bad lighting to take pictures in.

Today’s photo is “phone”.  At first I wished I had a rotary dial wall mount phone that did a real jingly ring, preferably in green.  But I don’t so instead I shall tell you how much I am in love with my cell phone.

I love it with endless love.

It’s weird isn’t it?

But I need it like water.

Sleep hasn’t always come easy for me and the phone is my constant midnight companion.

I read books on it, watch instant Netflix, play words with friends…if we’re FB friends let’s play! I keep all my lists and ideas, read blogs, blah blah blah.  It’s really more a computer for me rather than phone as I live in the granite state (Live Free or Die!) and cellular service is very stinky but with wifi the possibilities are endless.  Like endless love.

It was an appropriate picture when I saw it on the table on top of my breakfast reading of 1974 Early American Life.  It’s nice when old meets new in a good way.  Not like those old guys that marry 24 year olds, that’s the not so good way.




Kathy in Vietnam said...

I too love my phone, it brings me a lot of joy. I thought I was the only one sitting in bed reading on it!

Andi said...

My phone is just a phone. I haven't fallen into phone love yet. I am anti-smart phone to a certain extent because it really irritates me when people are constantly checking their phone when they are with me...And when my kids have friends over and they get out a phone to talk to someone who didn't come over I want to snatch it out of their hands and say "why can't you be with the person you are physically with?"

Wow. It seems I'm given to rants on your blog lately.


P.S. I actually WANT a smart phone, but I'm being stubborn and fear that I will become addicted...

Leila said...

That magazine (?) looks like it needs me to read it.

I have noticed that as soon as -- but AS soon as -- I cross the line into NH, my call gets dropped. Jeesh.

Dawn Castor said...

Me too!! Me too! When a student took my phone last semester, I was afraid I would have a heart attack--my life, calendar, lists, photos, all gone and what would I do if I couldn't sleep!!!! I got it back quickly. And how I love it. Except for the phone part....

Jacqueline said...

Hi Kate!

Sounds like a happy little midnight addiction and it's okay by me!

I love the FB games! I love Gnome Town and Ravenswood best! Never played words with friends. I'm wondering how to find you on FB?

My email is

Jacqueline xx ooo (extra hug!)

Juniper said...

I have to admit being that kind of addicted to my ipod touch, for Facebook,for reading the newspapers, checking for recipes, taking photos and for listening to podcasts - and now streaming radio channels I love from abroad. Oh and for books. For the brestfeeding mom it's essential I have found! So small and handy!

Juniper said...

I should clarify- the iPod touch is exactly like the iPhone minus the phone part.

Anonymous said...
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