Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do all kids dream of growing carrots?


Through my 20 years of parenting I think each of my kids has at one time or another wanted to grow carrots.  This was the first time we had a little success.  And I think pulling the carrots up out of the ground was as great as Molly had hoped it would be.

Last February I read way too much about growing carrots and couldn’t stop talking about them. I wanted to grow a huge variety and keep them through the winter.  But alas my belly grew huge with a baby and then the baby was born and then my life went spinning around and around like the revolving door at a fancy hotel.  But it’s all good.  The baby is growing and at the same time my life is starting to become a familiar routine again.


la la la la laaaaaaa


I realize now being busy was a good thing for my kids as they had their own freedom with the garden.  Sometimes that is the best way to learn stuff without your mother telling you how to do things.  I suppose it’s a happy medium, with raising kids in general.  My kids tend to be a bit on the shy side (me too) and it sometimes takes a little push to get them on their path.  It’s so satisfying to watch them do something on their own, it makes them proud…and me proud, too.

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Their bounty is good and we have been enjoying their harvest each night.

Now that the garden is just about through I am anxious to let the hens in there. When I say anxious I mean way more excited than I should be. The hens will be thrilled and probably spend all their time at the first plant they see instead of realizing there is a goldmine of great stuff to be found. But they’ll figure it out… kind of like my kids!


Elenore said...

You're blog is absolutely lovely! You have a beautiful family. Keep up the good work! :)