Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall art on the porch

The days we are able to spend on the screen porch doing artwork are lessening.  We love doing fall art on the porch. If saying “fall art” is too much for you, it could be contracted to f’art.  Can you tell what kind of mood I am in?  The kind of mood where you really don’t feel like making dinner even though you know you have to,  but really you just want to sit in your comfiest chair and stitch embroidery for hours.

Anyhow we have been trying to do some kind of art each weekend. My project ideas were few until I stumbled across an art teachers blog that led me to another and soon enough there were a zillion ideas and my brain was full.

This is the one we did last weekend, a little mixed media appropriate for fall.


We ripped up pages from an old book and after gluing we washed them over with a watered down brown acrylic.


The idea came from a blog called that artist woman.  My daughter (age 9) really loved doing this project, it might have been a little too much for my five year old.  He loves to draw and paint but when you add in the other stuff he kind of starts bouncing around.  At first you don’t realize that he is bouncing around and then all of a sudden you know your patience is thin and you hear his voice echoing the same chant over and over while he is swinging a too long stick like an orchestra conductor too close to your face.

He’s a wild and crazy guy.


When I envision him when he’s older I can’t help picturing him with a big beer belly doing cannonballs into the pool.  But don’t tell anyone I said that.



Barbara said...

Love those owls, love that happy boy!

Andi said...

I love your future vision of him! That is hilarious!

Dawn Castor said...

Poorvboy! But that's pretty darn funny! I'm curious to know how many google hits you might get on the word f'art! Terrific collages !

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LOL! Your guy - and the descriptives of his antics - is just adorable! Beer belly and cannon balls...secret safe with me! :) Have boys like that, too.

CUTE, CUTE art project and perfect for fall. And your answer to the dinner question: ditto!


Anonymous said...
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