Tuesday, April 22, 2008

flea market finds

This past weekend was perfect. The weather was beyond beautiful, this of course equates to flea market utopia. I had no business being there knowing we are moving this summer but what is a girl to do? I love Eloise Wilkin, her art work is so nostalgic. I saved my Golden Books from childhood hoping that someday I would be toting around a chubby baby like she illustrated so well. This is the second oversized Eloise Wilkin book I have found. The other one is about childhood. I'm not sure how many there are.
Who doesn't have a weakness for hand stitched linens? I found this aqua stitched tablecloth to match all the pyrex I collect here and there. The tablecloth is the perfect size and it was only two dollars!
My husband was also able to visit. It had been nearly four weeks since we had seen him. The kids were ecstatic. A weekend is too short but definitely better than not seeing him at all. I carry around so much woe about the military but truth be told I guess I would never be so appreciative of my husband if I didn't miss him all the time. He is my hero!
Bubby is done with his lunch, by that I mean he has consumed what he wanted...the rest is on the floor. Where is Eloise Wilkin's painting of that???


Hadley said...

I like your style and the old things you find :]

Dawn Gahan said...

I, like you, am a huge fan of Eloise Wilkin. I have a great number of her Golden Books (although looking on Ebay, it seems what I thought was a great number doesn't compare with all the books she has out there). I also love the house interiors in her books. I always found them to be so cozy. Great post!

The Gahan Girls

P.S. Had no idea there were oversized books of hers.

rvan said...

Hi! I adore that bag you made and your son sure sounds like a sweetie!
(this is Cece from alldolledup btw, I had to use my hubbies email bc blogger is being fiesty. ;)
I can't wait to see Molly's new dress!
Perhaps I already told you this but Molly has been one of my favorite names since I was a little girl. I named everything Molly; pets, dolls, and even imaginary friends.
I hope the house selling is going ok. I know how trying it can be!