Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's April! This morning my daughter was running wild outside with the wind blowing her hair every which way. She found a little egg that must have blown out of its nest during last nights storms. It was so tiny and delicate. It was a noisy night with thunder booming and wind and rain. This morning it seemed so calm and quiet.

I have sorted and stacked my "keep handy" fabric stash. Once it goes in the trunk it might be months or even years before I dig it out again. I made a little doll dress with Spring in mind. I'm on a robins egg blue and yellow kick.

Back to my day...


Vandoren Academy said...

Hi! That doll dress you made is exceptionally sweet! And the bonnet! So so cute! I am smitten with them both. I have that aqua fabric. I sure do wish I had purchased more of it. I'm savoring the last bit of it I have.
Happy to have discovered your blog!

Katie said...

Love the little dollie dress! Will visit again to see more of your fabulous work.