Friday, April 18, 2008

pick up after yourself

I have many ideas swirling around in my head...sewing, crafting, baking. It is what keeps me level, those ideas. It is fun to plan and organize. At least for me! My kids think I am too organized, I guess from their point of view I am. Lately it seems all I do is follow them around declaring a mess here and there. There is not much time for anything else at this point. I seriously disgust this part of selling a house. You never know how much time you will have to tidy up before a showing, on top of my regular cleaning primping the house to its full glory wipes me out. My youngest daughter and I like to wear our cleaning "uniforms" usually retro aprons and indoor red Keds. And truthfully all this nervous energy I feel about selling the house makes good use of my time. I have several patterns cut out and ready, dinners are planned a week in advance. The kids know to wipe out the toothpaste from their sink and put their clothes away...NOW! Having said all that I am anxious to move and be settled and make a mess. This is our house...wanna buy it????


Christina said...

Your house is lovely! I can't imagine having a house for sale with kids, oh my, you are one tidy Mama! I had a hard time keep the house "just right" when we were selling and we don't even have kids yet!
Oh, and now I want little red keds too!

Dawn Gahan said...

Good luck with the sale of the house. It certainly has curb appeal! And I'm sure the inside is just as lovely.

The Gahan Girls