Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Charm

My latest bag, it was a fairly simple pattern from Grand Revival called the Flea Market bag.

I spent today and yesterday burning a tank of gas going to yard sales. It wasn't productive at first. I didn't find anything that would make me do cartwheels. But my last two stops this morning I hit the motherload with clothes for my youngest two kids and books for the whole family. My ten year old was with me, he is the best yard saling partner though I am not sure why he likes to go as he does a lot of standing around and holding piles of books with teetering objects on top. But he never complains! I have yard saled over the years with different friends and relatives (sorry sisters) not to mention my husband (gasp) but my green eyed boy is the best. He can inventory an entire yard sale in about twenty seconds and tell me what is where. How many ten year olds know how excited their mother is over Fire King hand painted bowls and which Trixie Belden are needed to complete a set? I love that kid!

I am working on a darling dress for Molly. I seriously can't stop combining yellow and blue. Maybe when Spring turns to Summer, then I will turn all red, white and navy. Anyhow the carefully cut and pieced dress is now balled up in a cloth bag as we had 20 minutes to tidy before a realtor arrived. I swiped my whole sewing table (10 ft long) into two tote bags. I have never seen my sewing table so naked. My oldest saved the day for me as I quickly became overwhelmed. But now that's done and I can haul all our junk out from its hiding places. I will grill supper for my yard sale assistant, it's his favorite.


Dawn Gahan said...

What better way to burn a tank of gas! My daughter, when she was younger, much like your son, was my tried-and-true yard sale companion. I always thought it a great way to spend time together.

I have added you to my favorite blog list, as I look forward to checking in with you, hoping you have a new post!

The Gahan Girls