Thursday, April 10, 2008


Recently I had posted and included a picture of my son. It began to bother me that I put his picture on the internet. Does this bother anyone else? I have since deleted it and feel much better. I often see other posts with family pics and enjoy them but I guess you can never be too careful. From now on it'll be plain and simple. Like me.

The new Victorian Papers came in the mail and this was on the cover. Isn't she sweet? I wish I could wear a hat and look cute. It's a matter of confidence I think. When I wear a hat my subconscious is yelling LOOK AT MY HAT. Like I am riding a unicycle or something. Whereas my sister can wear any hat and look perfectly natural.

Anyhow I stayed up and made another shirt. I bought this pattern months ago. After seeing posted so often I am proud to say it is my favorite new old pattern. Have a wonderful day.


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a darling "new" blog you have! Very warm & inviting! Love your pictures to! Found your blog from Katie's blog! Happy blogging! Maryjane

Alison Boon said...

To post or not to post, I guess it's always a dilemma. I think you have to trust your own heart on that one.

Dawn Gahan said...

I agree about the picture thing. I have posted pictures of my daughter but do not post pix of anyone else (would only post with their permission). Maybe I'm one of those super trusting Pollyanna types, but I know how much I enjoy seeing the families of other bloggers, so I do the same. But do what's right for you.

Keep blogging. I miss seeing new posts!

The Gahan Girls