Monday, February 9, 2009

I Heart Valentine's Day

Each February was thrilling in elementary school. The anticipation of writing out cards and who gets which ones. I actually remember being in kindergarten and wanting to give the card with the best heart on it to a boy named Clayton. I was sick the day of the party and shed tears. I remember my mother giving me new paper doll book to boost my spirits. I still have those paper dolls, she was called Jean Jeans. As a mother I realize what a tender gesture that was as she had to sit and spend her afternoon cutting them out for me. Having six children I am certain she had a long to-do list but never let on. I think I must be her favorite child. Yeah...yeah, now that I have thought about it, I'm sure of it. I am her favorite. (A joke!)

This is a shelf I keep in my bedroom, changing it around when I get tired of staring at it from my bed. The Valentine's are from my Mom. I wonder if she used her favorites and these are the leftovers. I love them even if they didn't make the cut for Clarence, Norman, or any other so-weird-it's-cute name. Seriously, can you imagine cooing "Norman" to your beautiful baby???!!I have always loved thinking about names. It was one of my favorite ways to zone out in college, thinking about what my children would be named. I am not certain I will have anymore children but I still think about naming them. Today I would name them Beatrice or William. What about you? What are your favorite names?


Dawn Gahan said...

Harleigh's middle name is Mabel, which I've always loved (and she likes as well, believe it or not!). I tend to like a mix of contemporary and old-fashioned. Had I a second daughter I would have named her Kennedy Pearl.

And for boys names, I love anything Biblical.


Lavender Dreamer said...

I clicked on the first photo to enlarge it so that I could see all your beautiful things up close! I love the little frames of your kids and the center frame of the lady and the chickens! The Valentines are all wonderful! What treasures! Right now my favorite name is LuLu! heeheehee! Don't ask me why! I rename all my dolls and one of them is ZuZu Petals! (my kids probably won't ask me to help name any grandkids!)lol

Jemm said...

What a sweet story about your mom. I love your shelves, very pretty. I love Valentine's Day too. It's hard to enjoy to it's full potential having the flower shop, but I still love it. I saw your Hollie Hobbie toys on an older post. I think I remember having some Hollie Hobbie paper dolls when I was a girl.

Happy @ Home said...

I love your vintage Valentine's. I was glad they were clickable as I wanted a closer look. I had to laugh because I have the one that has the boy with the glasses on it. I am planning to feature him in a post later this week.