Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Morning Confessional

The day started out perfectly well. The sunrise was beautiful which gave my early morning barn chores an almost romantic feeling of delight. For the most part I love feeding the animals but some days when you combine feeding the animals with feeding the humans it can get a little out of control. Those are the days when I want to feed everyone Ramen and watch Leave it to Beaver reruns. That is confession #1.

I have lots of things I could confess but after going through the long mental list I decided only to share a few--the most innocent ones which won't shatter my image. (My image of what? Pony tail, old college sweatshirt wearing, chip and salsa eating, loopy and out of sorts crazy woman?)
Confession #2: I have a dinner to go to tomorrow night. It's somewhat formal and this is what I'm supposed to wear:

I picked and cut out this dress pattern weeks ago with the best intentions. Those being I liked the waist and the scarf like belt to hide my on-again relationship with bloating (I don't evah know why--pass me more of those chips and salsa). I guess I will squeeze into my too tight black unitard thing and wear the black dress again. My belly will hurt from sucking in all night, when I get home and aerobically get out of the unitard thing it will make a noise similar to that of schlooping a canned ham out onto the pan.

Confession #3: I like puzzles. Actually, as a family we enjoy puzzles. We have some of our best conversations over a puzzle. The trouble is we start them at absurd times in absurd places. But it is relaxing. It is also laziness at its best. It is nonproductive and only encourages procrastination. This is why I haven't made my dress this week. Last week it was from a beautiful beach scene.

I guess that is only the half of it. I seem to enjoy collecting puzzles, but have never consciously called it a collection. Maybe being honest with this will help:

It probably won't help. These are just Wysocki puzzles, there is another closet full of all different kinds. I tend to rant in each house we live in there is no closet space. Will there ever be? Coincidentally this is also reason number 55 on my list of why I make a bad military wife. In my defense I buy many while thrifting...that makes it okay, right?


Leila said...

For some reason I thought at first that last picture was of Girl Scout cookies and you were going to confess to hoarding them!!

So you see, it turned out much better than one might have expected!! :)

You still have time to shop...go get a nice dress. Why not? Think of all the money you have saved by buying your puzzles at yard sales!

Hey -- thanks for all the affirmation -- right back at you, mwah!

Lavender Dreamer said...

Were you elegant tonight? Did you take a picture? I love puzzles, too! We try to pass them on when we work them a few times! lol

The Dadman Diaries said...

"...schlooping a canned ham out onto the pan...."

Huge smile. Very descriptive. But nothing has yet to beat Toe Fuzz!

Jemm said...

That makes it totally OK. I like Wysocki puzzles too and I never have enough closet space either. I heard it's the new plight of the woman actually.