Friday, February 20, 2009

That's Hot

Even the cat is always cold.

When we found out we were moving to Texas everybody and their neighbor told us how hot it is. And yeah... they were right it's pretty dang hot in the summer. Having zoned in on the heat of summer we never really stopped to give winter much thought. We were raised in New England...home of the drafty old farmhouse, winter in Texas--hah! Bring it on!
Silly, silly us. No one ever mentioned it gets pretty dang cold here as well (Okay you are right, we didn't ask) no one told us the wind howls each and every hour of everyday (my hair is ALWAYS a dang mess). I'm telling you those cowboys of yesterday had to be some tough sons of guns. No one even mentioned how expensive our electric heat bill would be. We could have bought a yacht with what we spent the last three months. Who can I blame? Hmmm, can you detect my bitterness because I know we are only to blame ourselves. Us. The silly, silly New Englanders who cried like little girls because they were so flippin cold during our first Texas winter. So we decided to put an end to the madness and bought this:

Isn't she hot? I am ten degrees warmer just looking at her. She is my BWFF. (best woodstove friend forever). I can't wait to get our next electric bill and write "ha-ha you bleepin bleepity bleep rip-off bleeps" with a smiley face. I reckon just thinkin about that just makes me so danged happy.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You definitely feel better when the big ole Texas sun shines! I lived in Texas most of my adult life and remember how cold it can feel during the winter. 3 of my sons still live in the Dallas area. I think they wear shorts year round though! heehee!