Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's the little things

This month has been crazy. Things seem to exponentially get busier and busier. I seems to always be doing stuff but at the same time never get anything done. I know I am not alone in this. Luckily my spirits are up and can roll along without too many grumpy woes. Ken has some big stuff around the corner at work but for now we take one day at a time and in the meantime I will take my post as wife and mother with genuine love and appreciation. Most certainly I have been taking note of the little things. I hope never to be too busy to laugh at them. These things that will change as my children grow and pursue their independence. Will I forget about this stuff?

Like no matter how many pens I buy and place neatly in the pretty designated cup much like a bouquet of flowers, I can only find a playdough pen to write out a check for the guys doing some bulldozing on the back lot.

I found this styrofoam tab from one of Sam's building kits. The bite mark is much smaller than Sam's preteen chompers but somebody couldn't resist giving it a try. Somebody that probably doesn't know what "inedible" means.

And this little binky was delicately tweezed out of Henry's right nostril last month. As I was changing him I noticed a faint shade of pink way up his nose. I wasn't worried and thought it was perhaps from a sore runny nose. To condense an hour long story of different tactics that ended with tweezers and me sitting on him I was beyond surprised to pull this out. I shall not forget this one, it is already taped into his baby book.

It is a rare day when things actually go as planned. I couldn't imagine a better life. To watch this brood of growing kids find their footing. I would never advise anyone as to if they should have children, I just know for me personally it is beyond the greatest fun to ever be imagined.

We had fun on Friday. Lots of squadron spirit with obnoxious yelling and whoo whoo whooping it up. Though truthfully I didn't whoo whoo whoop too much but I did play a mean cow bell. Ken looks so handsome...underneath that uniform he is wearing those wacky sock suspenders that keep your shirt tucked tight. They are the ultimate in geek sexy accessories. Too bad I couldn't sneak a picture. Yeah not too bad for my marriage as just telling you will bring me a grunt and possible eye roll.


Dawn Gahan said...

I had no idea you had one college bound. Then you so know what I'm going through. My prayers are with you as Hadley makes her choice.


P.S. Handsome is an understatement.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a great post! It brings back memories of when I had a big bunch of kids at home! What an interesting life we all lead with KIDS! You and hubby look very nice for your night out! A man in uniform does look especially nice! My hubby looks great in a suit!

Emily said...

You are certainly a lucky lady :)

Leila said...

Thanks for the laughs! At least you had a pen and weren't reduced to crayon!

Yes, you have a handsome husband :)

And I bet he's proud of you too!