Thursday, April 2, 2009

being lazy and links

How lazy are you when you fail to link while posting? I'm guessing pretty lazy cause all I can do on this blustery gray day is walk by the toys strewn everywhere, the laundry still in the dryer, yesterday's mail on the counter. Where is my umph?

This is the beauty of blogging. Unlike the television-- blogging at least makes you feel productive even if it's reading about all the stuff others are doing. Even if all they are doing is taking pictures of crayons in a jar, somehow that is inspiring.

Hadley and Maggie have a play this afternoon, they have been nervous about this play as it is part of a competition, because of this, their nervousness somehow equates into me being lazy until I put on real clothes and drive to the hall to see them. Of course Henry loves these idle days as I am more apt to sit on the floor and do puzzle after puzzle and let him drive little cars over my face.

I suppose it is pretty ironic as yesterday I blogged about embracing spring's to-do list. This is all because I have done the leg work to put the front porch together but the weather, in the most rude manner, has refused to cooperate.

Here are some links I have been scouting through that maybe, just maybe, you might like, too.

For some inexpensive bento box love go here. We presently live in a small Texas community and while it is growing on me I still hyperventilate at the no recycling concept. When we moved here the schools were using styrofoam trays. But now they use reusable (-:

And while we are loving Japanese things check out this etsy shop.

I like this fabric:

I love these sandals for my kids. They are durable from church to beach and call me old fashioned but I like the two buckle thing. This reminds me of a story about my brother Mike who many years ago was complaining at not having a significant other. He was blaming it on the small town Connecticut woes when he said this... "Call me old fashioned but I would expect a hot meal on the table when I come home from work." My sister and I howled with laughter. He has three sisters, didn't we teach him anything???

I buy the sandals here. But have seen them in a few kids shoe stores.

I am now completely exhausted from putting in all those links. I shall go have a nice relaxing beverage before poopie pants wakes up.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thanks for the links! I love looking through ETSY now and doing searches. I have so many favorite stores and items, it's crazy! Like your new banner! But I miss your big hen!

Brenda said...

Haha, I try to tell my husband all the time that reading blogs and blogging is a lot more productive than his watching TV. "I'm communicating with people, learning, building relationship blah-blah-blah." :) I love the Japanese stuff!

Leila said...

Love the banner!

In my next life everyone I know will get a bento box lunch from me every day.

But even then the bento boxes will have to be dishwasher safe :)