Tuesday, November 25, 2008

morning boy

The little one wakes with an appetite. If it's an oatmeal morning I usually feed him as it's gloppy and messy and, well, he is my baby. There are many things he does that are so sweet and cute. Like the way he walks around in my shoes, he likes the way they click clack on the floor. Cute now. What about this face he makes every morning after I put my face powder on him?

So very cute. This is why he gets powder in the morning. He is a pretty rough fellow, he loves dirt (like, to eat it, roll in it and stuff it in his pockets--he is learning horse manure is not dirt made into cute little rectangles) So you can see why the powder thing is hard to stop. Will it still be cute when he is 14?

Today he was joyous when I put that oatmeal bowl in front of him like one of the big kids. He holds a spoon well and it is time to let him grow up a bit. But not too much. Just the teeniest little smidge. He must be cuddled and kissed, his hair tussled and his piggies tickled until he chortle laughs from the depths of his belly.

He made a huge mess.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Enjoy them while they are little ...and at home! I have grown up boys and I sure do miss those oatmeal mornings!