Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Plaid Jacket

This morning I woke with a start, ambitious to begin my day. My list is long today, but already I have pushed through the junky part of it. Even though I dropped a glass in the kitchen in the middle of the morning rush, it shattered little tiny slivers everywhere but still I smiled and joked at being clumsy. My kids didn't recognize this trait and kept glancing at me like I was a volcano about to erupt.

Molly's brunch jacket is done. I am still in love with these patterns. I treasure these days of sewing for my younger kids. My teens are a constant reminder at how fast they grow up. I haven't been brave enough to tackle a homecoming or prom dress. I love the bodice on the brunch coat, I guess next time I won't choose plaid, it was more work to match, etc.
Too windy to hang sheets, an after-the-fact-lesson.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love doing laundry but not over again! EEE!!! I collect dolls so I am trying to see that little dollie tucked into the new coat. You did a great job on the pretty plaid coat! Looks perfect for Fall!